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Guide: How to Sell Samelin Boots?

Welcome to our brand-new series where we demystify the Hertwill portfolio, giving store owners the inside scoop on which brands to feature and how to sell ’em. First […]

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Introducing Gerda Retter Design to Online Retailers

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Greening Up The Shelves: Hertwill’s Partnership With Fern

We’re thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Fern and helping to expand product selection in their online store.

Rethinking Dropshipping: Building Quality Over Quick Bucks

Dropshipping is in trouble, but we are here to solve it.

We are partnering with Taktikamaailm

Taktikamaailm is a new military and hiking store for the Estonian market.

Durable footwear from unknown brands

Saapavabrik, launched in December 2020, is the first store selling products provided by Hertwill.

A new gift store for men

Katarina and Margot have partnered with us to bring you the new online store for men’s gifts in the Estonian market