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All items ship from European warehouses & are available at wholesale prices
All items ship from European warehouses & are available at wholesale prices
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All products are non-Aliexpress and about 95% are made in Europe.

  • 791s, also known as Tarkovsky boots, is probably our most unique pair of boots. The upper of the Tarkovsky boots is made of genuine water-repellent leather and the high-quality sole is molded directly to the upper. As Tarkovsky boots have no lining besides genuine leather, we recommend wearing warmer socks in freezing weather. Tarkovsky’s got their name from film director Andrei Tarkovsky, whose movie Stalker is one of our favorite movies of all time. Tarkovsky’s are manufactured in Europe according to NATO AQAP 2110 standard by the same factory making one of the most legendary military boots, M77s. So you can be assured they have military-grade quality and robustness.

    We recommend choosing one size down, e.g., if you wear your Nike’s size 41, our boots at size 40 will be excellent. Like all our boots, they will be shipped to you directly from the factory.

    Upper: Water-repellent genuine leather
    Outsole: Direct-injected PU
    Lining: Genuine leather
    Insole: Anatomical, antibacterial and washable
    Weight: 1,4 kg (size 40)
    Gender: Unisex
    Manufacturer Standards: NATO AQAP 2110, ISO 9001
    Where It’s Made: Estonia, Europe
    Shipping: 4-8 workdays

  • A juicy blend of oranges, cranberries, and juniper berries. The scent is enriched with the character of elderberries and cedarwood seeds.

    Nore candles are handcrafted using high-quality aroma oils and 100% plant-based coconut-rapeseed wax, free from paraffin and synthetic additives. The high coconut content in the candle wax extends the burning time and ensures a clean burn.

    Always burn the candle until the entire surface is melted; this ensures even melting of the candle. To extinguish the candle, press the wick into the melted wax or use a candle snuffer. Avoid blowing out the flame to prevent soot formation and splattering of melted wax. Always trim the wick to 5 mm before each use to prevent uneven burning, soot formation, and overheating of the candle holder. Do not burn the candle for more than 3 hours continuously to avoid overheating the glass container. Never leave the candle burning unattended or near flammable objects. Keep the candle out of reach of children and animals.

    Enjoy your candle!

    Hand-made in Estonia.

  • Oma King-slippers-Pelsi

    Keep your toes warm, then your heart will stay warm!

    Pelsi slippers are made of natural felt. The slippers are handmade in Europe by a small family company that has made great shoes since 1927. Oma King practice slow fashion by using natural, high-quality materials and creating versatile, long-lasting styles, ensuring your sandals serve you for years. All our sandals will be shipped to you directly from the factory.

    • Upper is made of natural felt
    • With a light rubber outsole
    • Easy to put on
    • Manufacturer: OmaKing
    • Where It’s Made: Estonia, Europe
    • If the foot number is between two sizes, we recommend ordering a larger size.


    • Pilling on the slippers can be removed with a fabric shaver or a simple razor.
    • Can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.
    • Washing machine 30 degrees, wool mode, moderate spin.
    • Put the slippers in the washing machine inside a wash bag (ie pillowcase, etc.).
    • Use a mild detergent for wool.
    • Air dry, avoid excessive heat (ie dryer, radiator, underfloor heating, etc.)
    • Please note that washing can affect the appearance of leather labels.

    Shipping: 2-4 workdays

  • Hertwill-Leomani-men's-jewelery

    Trey käeehe on tagasihoidlik keraamiline käeehe meestele, mille must värvitoon on alati klassikaline ja stiilne.

    • Materjal: must kõrgkvaliteetne keraamika
    • Roostevabast terasest kinnitus
    • Kaal: 32.13 grammi
    • Laius: 10 mm
    • Pikkus: 21 cm (Pikkus on reguleeritav)


  • Seljakott 019 on Galvi-Linda patrullkottide sarja kõige vingem mudel, millel on kõik kellad ja viled, mida sa vajad ja ei vaja. Kott on valmistatud Cordurast – eriti vastupidavast materjalist, mida kasutatakse tihti töö- ja militaarriiete tegemisel. Koti esipaneelil on kaks mahukat välistaskut ning koti põhitasku käib lõpuni lahti, mis teeb pakkimise eriti mugavaks, kui on vaja kotti rohkem asju mahutada. Ja asju mahub siia kotti palju. Koti 35 liitrilist mahutavust on võimaliks suurendada Molle-süsteemiga kokku sobiva lisavarustusega. Koti seljaosa ja ergonoomilised õlarihmad on polsterdatud ning olemas on nii kandesang kui ka reguleeritav ja eemaldatav puusatugi. Kott on varustatud eemaldatava vihmakindla kattega, mis asub koti põhja all lukuga suletavas sahtlis. See kott on robustne ja vastupidav ning sobib igasse olukorda. Kott on toodetud ja disainitud Eestis.

    • Toodetud vastupidavast Cordurast
    • Värv: must
    • Mõõdud: 28 cm x 50 cm x 24 cm
    • Mahutavus: 35 liitrit
    • Tootja standardid: ISO 9001:2015
    • Disainitud ja toodetud Eestis


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All products are non-Aliexpress, and about 95% are made in Europe. The average store makes about 20 000€ per year selling our products.

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Marten, Founder of Whatshoes

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