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What we offer?

Excellent products

Excellent products

Our products ensure low return rates and high repurchase rates, and you won't find our hand-selected products on Amazon or AliExpress. The average store makes about 40 000 euros per year selling our products.

Fulfillment service
Fulfillment service

We not only provide products for your store, but we also fulfill the orders. You don't need a warehouse or your own stock, so it keeps the upfront costs low.


API integration

Our API enables seamless integration with your store, so you don't have to manually insert product information or manage your orders. Currently, we provide plugins for WooCommerce and Shopify.

Latest news

Our story

Our story started a few years ago with a small shoe factory in southern Estonia. The factory has made boots trusted by NATO armies for more than 75 years. It made no sense to us that we had to drive almost 200 kilometres to the factory to buy those great boots. 

A couple of workshops later, we opened an online store Saapavabrik (Boot Factory), making those boots available for everyone.

Soon we realised that there must be hundreds and thousands of small manufacturers around Europe that create fantastic products which are not widely available. So we wanted to help these small manufacturers grow, which is how the idea for Hertwill arose.

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What is Hertwill?

Hertwill is a plug-and-play solution for online stores that enables them to sell products of independent European brands. Our solution includes sourcing, warehousing and order fulfillment. We handle all the logistics of getting the products from brands to the online stores' customers, so the stores can focus on marketing and selling the products.

Hertwill is an Estonian startup founded by former employees of Pipedrive, Single.Earth and Omniva, and is backed by one of the most well-known Finnish VCs. You can read more about our story.

What kind of products do you offer?

Currently, we are working with more than 50 independent European brands and manufacturers, but new products are added to our catalog daily. We focus on brands that are still relatively unknown but whose products are of excellent quality. None of the products we provide are available on Amazon or Aliexpress. The main categories we focus on at the moment are clothing, shoes, bags, home decor and jewelry. Our special attention is on sustainable goods - for example, we work with a jewelry brand that is upcycling materials left over from aircraft manufacturing.

Do you offer integrations for online stores?

Our API enables seamless integration with your store, so you don't have to manually insert product information or manage your orders. Currently, we provide plugins for WooCommerce and Shopify.

In which regions is Hertwill available?

Hertwill is available for online stores and brands in the European Union.

How can I start selling Hertwill products in my online store?

It's relatively easy. Sign up and choose products from our catalog, sync them to your online store and start selling.

How much time per week does running an online store as a side business take?

It depends on your area of expertise and ambitions. For example, if you have run an online store before, it might be a couple of hours a week. But if this is your first time and you don't have a digital marketing or e-commerce background, it might be 3-6x more. In general, building an international store requires even more time.

Usually, most work hours are put in at the beginning when trying to get the store up and running. After that, the amount of work usually decreases over time, and ultimately, if you outsource customer support, the store might become a source of passive income. We recommend running the store together with someone as it's more fun, you get things done faster, and you have a higher chance of success.

How much does an online store, on average, make selling products provided by Hertwill?

The average store makes about 40 000€ per year selling our products. The most successful makes about 200 000€, and the least successful has made 400€.