Powdered Candle Refill Kit – Nordic Lights 330g

The Candledust scented candle refill kit + 2 wicks (Us it for The Candledust candle in glass). With the refill kit you can make two 160g Candledust candles.

The aroma of a crisp forest adds freshness to the room while giving it a brisk wintery sharpness. Other recognizable scents include citrus and bergamot. White cedar and musk add nuances. It creates a relaxing mood as if walking in a crisp forest.

The Candledust candle is a natural candle wax in powder form. Recycling is in fashion, create your first candle, it’s super easy! Recycle The Candledust candle glass and fill it with candledust.

The Candledust is in essence as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Take one wick and attach it to the bottom centre of the candle container.
  2. Fill the container completely with candledust and make sure that the tip of the wick protrudes from the dust up to 0,3 cm and is in the centre of the container
  3. Light the candle and enjoy, it’s as easy as that!

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 19 cm



Environmentally friendly scented powder candles. Candledust is a family-owned company from Estonia specializing in handmade candles. What started as a passion for creating beautiful and environmentally friendly candles has become a revolution. While exploring different candle technologies, the creators of Candledust stumbled upon the idea of scented powder candles, in which they became pioneers. Candledust is dedicated to making candles in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The ingredients used in their candles are certified as fully recyclable and reusable, making them a favourite among candle enthusiasts. One thing that sets Candledust apart is the use of vegetable wax. This wax burns cleanly without producing soot or smoke, making it a healthier and more sustainable choice. How to use the Candledust? 1. Find a suitable container. 2. Pour the Candledust into the container. 3. Place the candlewick in the powder, light it, and enjoy! scented candles / something new / good for gifting / powdered candles / environmentally friendly


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