Introducing Gerda Retter Design to Online Retailers

We’re elated to share our recent collaboration with the immensely talented Estonian designer Gerda Retter. This collaboration brings her ravishing array of bags and accessories to your digital storefronts through our trusted platform, Hertwill.

A bit of history for those unfamiliar: Gerda Retter Design, since its establishment in 2016, has become synonymous with elegance and quality. Nestled in the historic city of Tartu, every accessory undergoes a meticulous handcrafting process in their atelier. The designs are a harmonious blend of the serene simplicity of Nordic palettes and architectures, juxtaposed with striking spatial forms and geometric patterns. Gerda’s journey into this intricate world of leather design commenced at the Tartu Art College. With the mentorship of renowned Italian and Hungarian accessory connoisseurs, she’s carved a niche for herself, even bagging nominations for coveted awards such as the Hong Kong Design-a-Bag Award and the Estonian Design Award BRUNO (not to mix up with the Sacha Baron Cohen movie Brüno).

For online retailers considering adding her collection to their offering, a noteworthy mention is the 2-year warranty accompanying all Gerda Retter Design products. Plus, the dropshipping option makes the retailing process as seamless as it gets. Considering a refined update to your online store’s collection? Hertwill ensures you can integrate Gerda Retter’s designs smoothly, setting you up in a mere 3 minutes. Dive into this elegant world and elevate your store’s offerings today.

With elegance redefined and simplicity at its best, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. Explore more here.

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