How Hertwill works?

step by step guide

1. Create a Hertwill account here

  • Using Hertwill is free. No credit card is required.

2. Pick the products you want to sell in your store

    • All our products are of high quality and come with a warranty, and about 95% are even made in Europe – this ensures low return rates and high repurchase rates.

    • All products come with a fulfillment → we stock items and ship out orders, so you wouldn’t have to.

    • All prices are wholesale.

3. Integrate your store with Hertwill

4. Add products to your store

    • Choose products from the catalog you would like to sell in your store and add them to your Import List.
    • Press Sync button in the Import List and products will appear in your store shortly.
    • Some brands are exclusive, and you must apply before selling their products.
    • You’ll find products already available in your store in the My Products tab.
    • Feel free to change prices and product descriptions in your store’s admin panel.

5. Start selling

    • Your profit comes from the difference between the wholesale prices in Hertwill and the selling prices in your online store.

6. Order fulfillment

    • Once you have sold an item, we will receive the order automatically thanks to the integration and take care of order fulfillment, including packaging and shipping.

    • Delivery times depend on the destination and product; most orders are delivered within 3-7 working days in the EU.

    • We invoice you for products sold.

7. Returns

    • We provide hassle-free returns solutions so you wouldn’t have to deal with returned items.

8. Paying for Your Orders

We have an automated billing system. This means that each time an order is processed for fulfillment, we will charge your bank card and issue an invoice for that order. Payments are processed via Stripe.

    • To pay for your orders, follow these steps:

If you have any problems or questions regarding billing or anything else, please reach out to our customer support team via live chat.