How Hertwill works?

step by step guide

1. Create a Hertwill account here

  • Using Hertwill is free. No credit card is required.

2. Pick the products you want to sell in your store

    • All our products are of high quality and come with a warranty, and about 95% are even made in Europe – this ensures low return rates and high repurchase rates.

    • All products come with a fulfillment → we stock items and ship out orders, so you wouldn’t have to.

    • All prices are wholesale.

3. Integrate your store with Hertwill

    • Woocommerce; generate API keys: Woocommerce->Settings->Advanced->REST API->Add Key, and insert generated keys in the Store Integrations tab in Hertwill. Set permissions to Read/Write and ensure you are logged in as an admin-level user.

    • Shopify integration will be launched soon. You can sign up for the waiting list here.


4. Sync products to your store

    • Press Sync in the Import List and products will appear in your store shortly.

    • Some brands are exclusive, and you must apply before selling their products.

    • You’ll find products already available in your store in the My Products tab. Feel free to change prices and product descriptions.

5. Start selling

    • Your profit comes from the difference between the wholesale prices in Hertwill and the selling prices in your online store.

6. Order fulfillment

    • Once you have sold an item, we will receive the order automatically thanks to the integration and take care of order fulfillment, including packaging and shipping.

    • Delivery times depend on the destination and product; most orders are delivered within 3-7 working days in the EU.

    • We invoice you for products sold.

7. Returns

    • We provide hassle-free returns solutions so you wouldn’t have to deal with returned items.

If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in chat or write us at