Brand Verifications

Most brands available for dropshipping through Hertwill are designer brands, each with a designer who takes great pride in their work. When you add a product to your Import List and see the ‘Apply for a Brand’ option, it’s an important step we’ve implemented for partnering with these exceptional brands. By pressing this button, the brand receives a notification with your store URL, indicating your interest in selling their products. If they approve, you’ll receive an email notification.

While the process may seem somewhat tedious, it’s essential for securing these exclusive collaborations. These brands are eager to ensure that your online store reflects their brand image appropriately. Additionally, securing approval gives you a significant advantage by indicating that your store is not one among thousands selling the same product, setting you apart in the competitive dropshipping market.

To increase your chances of brand approval, follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure Your store is publicly accessible: Your store should be live and open to everyone, not restricted by a password.
  • Opt for a custom domain: This can greatly enhance your store’s credibility.
  • Present a trustworthy and professional image: Make sure your store clearly communicates what it sells and the value it offers. Steer clear of placeholder texts like ‘Lorem Ipsum’ or non-descriptive store names such as ‘Joosep’s Store’ without proper context.
  • Having ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact’ pages is important. Brands want to see who’s behind the store.
  • Be cautious with product selection: Items from AliExpress might deter some brands from partnering with you.
  • Don’t use brand pictures before getting their approval.

In general, don’t stress too much about approvals. Around 60% of requests get approved. As long as your store appears decent and trustworthy—a key factor for your customers too—most brands are likely to approve quickly, with approvals often starting to come in immediately. Additionally, some brands don’t require any approval, such as Papillon, Nabo and Trendbag.

If you’re unsure about your store, you can share its link with us through chat or by emailing We’ll review it and offer tips for improvement.