Greening Up The Shelves: Hertwill’s Partnership With Fern

We’re thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Fern and helping to expand product selection in their online store. A concept store that resonates with the ethos of ‘sustainability meets style,’ Fern has carved a unique niche in the marketplace. Eneli and Marten founded Fern as more than just a family-owned shop. It is a testament to the founders’ profound passion for the environment, reflected in their conscientious selection of small, environmentally-friendly brands on Fern’s shelves. The partnership with Hertwill was the next logical step on this journey, as many products available in Hertwill are eco-friendly, and all are from independent European brands.

If you think Fern, think upcycled backpacks perfect for your next adventure, coffee mugs that exude rustic charm, cleaning products that care for your home as much as they do for the planet, and skincare products that treat your skin and the environment with equal love. Anyways, go check Fern out.