Our story

Setting the Stage

The story of Hertwill started in 2020 with a small shoe factory in southern Estonia. The factory has made great boots for over 75 years, and their partners included Rossignol, Dr. Martens and different NATO armies. But you couldn’t buy their shoes online, which made no sense to us.

After several meetings with the factory owners, in December 2020, we launched an online store Saapavabrik (Boot Factory), making those boots available online. The response was instant and positive.

Not long after, we discovered a small studio in Tartu, Estonia, that makes incredible hiking and mountain climbing bags. In fact, the greatest Estonian mountaineer Alar Sikk uses their bags. And as with the shoe factory, their bags weren’t available online – you had to go to their studio to buy one.

The Awakening – 2022

Soon we realized that thousands of local manufacturers and brands are creating excellent products that are not widely available or well-known. Our vision was to provide these under-the-radar brands with a growth platform. We also aimed to offer an alternative route for online stores that preferred selling locally made, superior quality products over questionable Aliexpress items.

As store operators ourselves, we understood the importance of simplicity and efficiency in operating online stores. It was clear to us that you have to be able to start selling Hertwill products in your store in a couple of minutes and that Hertwill has also to take care of order fulfillment, as we know very well how expensive it can be to keep your own stock and warehouse.

In the Spring of 2022, we secured our first investment round. This enabled us to accelerate Hertwill’s growth and inch closer to realizing our vision of creating a premium dropshipping solution.



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Where are we now?

Empowering Online Stores

Our dropshipping products are sold in hundreds of online stores all over Europe, and our portfolio includes more than 100 independent brands and manufacturers. The top-performing store made over €305,000 in 2023, selling products sourced through our platform.

Hertwill is a premium dropshipping solution backed by the collective expertise of former employees from Pipedrive, Single.Earth and Omniva. Our journey has just begun, and we’re excited to see where it leads us.


Online stores

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What we promise?

No shitty products

We provide only high-quality products and will never compromise on that. High-quality products mean more sales, higher repurchase rates and less returns.


We are rather lazy, and we believe most people are too. So we try to automate as much as possible. Adding new products to your store shouldn’t require more than a couple of minutes of your time.

Supportive Community

We’re dedicated to supporting you in your e-commerce journey. Partner with us to join the Hertwill Partners Community, where store operators share their experiences, successes, and setbacks.

Three Friends


Meet our founders, Annamari Kenk, Roland Kriibi and Joosep Sibul. Before starting Hertwill, they worked in different positions at Omniva, Ekspress Group, Single Earth and Pipedrive. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in e-commerce and building innovative products have a pivotal role in shaping the vision of Hertwill.

Joosep Sibul

Founder - Product

Roland Kriibi

Founder - Engineering

Annamari Kenk

Founder - Design