Frequently asked questions

Find answers to many questions, including the earnings of top stores from selling Hertwill products.


Hertwill provides high-quality products from small European brands to online stores. All products are available via dropshipping, so stores don’t have to keep their own stock or warehouse. With Hertwill, you can add new products to your store in just a couple of minutes.

  1. Create an Hertwill account here
  2. Integrate your store with Hertwill using our free WooCommerce plugin or Shopify app. Don’t worry; it’s a quick process and doesn’t require any coding.
  3. Once integrated, sync products to your store and start selling. We handle order fulfillment and ensure your inventory stays up to date.

We offer over 1500 products from over 60 European brands, but new products are added to our catalog daily. We focus on brands that are still relatively unknown but whose products are of excellent quality. None of the products we provide are available on Amazon or Aliexpress. The main categories we focus on now are clothing, shoes, bags, home decor and jewelry. Our special attention is on sustainable goods – for example, we work with a jewelry brand that is upcycling materials left over from aircraft manufacturing.

No there is no subscription fee. Even no credit card is needed. You’ll just pay for the products & shipping you sell.

Top stores are making over €300K annually.

All products are listed at wholesale price in the Hertwill product catalog, and you make money by adding the margin and selling them in your online store. Some products come with the recommended retail price, and some don’t. With the latter, you can decide the retail price yourself.

Hertwill is available for online stores that sell to the European Union.
Also, check our shipping page for more information

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party—usually a wholesaler or manufacturer—to fulfill orders. In short, the order will be shipped directly to the end customer after you make the sale. All the products we provide at Hertwill are available via dropshipping.

Technical & Operational

Yes! You can download Hertwill’s Shopify app here. Our no-code Shopify integration will allow you to sync products to your store, keep inventory up-to-date, and fulfill orders.

Yes, we fully support WooCommerce. You can install our free app directly from the official WordPress plugin store. Our no-code WooCommerce plugin enables easy synchronization of products to your store, keeps your inventory up-to-date, and simplifies order fulfillment.

Some of the brands whose products we offer are premium brands. When you want to start selling products of those premium brands, the brand has to give their approval first. It usually takes 1-3 days to get approval.

Basically, brands want to check out the store before approving. They want to be sure the store fits with their brand. But keep in mind you have a much higher chance of success getting the brand approval if your store is ready, so we recommend applying for a brand when your store is already launched.

To increase your chances of brand approval, follow these guidelines:
  • Ensure Your Store is Publicly Accessible: Your store should be live and open to everyone, not restricted by a password.
  • Opt for a Custom Domain: This can greatly enhance your store’s credibility.
  • Present a Trustworthy and Professional Image: Make sure your store clearly communicates what it sells and the value it offers. Steer clear of placeholder texts like ‘Lorem Ipsum’ or non-descriptive store names such as ‘Joosep’s Store’ without proper context.
  • Having ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact’ pages is important. Brands want to see who’s behind the store.
  • Be Cautious with Product Selection: Items from AliExpress might deter some brands from partnering with you.
  • Don’t use brand pictures before getting their approval.

We have an automated billing system. This means that each time an order is processed for fulfillment, we will charge your bank card and issue an invoice for that order. Payments are processed via Stripe.

To pay for your orders, follow these steps:

  1. When generating API keys for Hertwill (WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> REST API -> Add Key), ensure that permissions are set to Read/Write.
  2. Make sure the account you use to generate API keys for Hertwill in your WooCommerce store backend has shop-owner or admin-level rights.
  3. Enable permalink rewrites in your WordPress settings by navigating to Settings –> Permalinks.

If you are still having trouble integrating your store, contact us via chat or email us at

No, the prices listed in our catalog do not include VAT. If your business is in the EU and has a valid EU VAT number, VAT will not be added to your purchase. Otherwise, a 22% VAT will be applied, including to Estonian businesses with a valid VAT number. Please note, Hertwill services are available only to businesses and private individuals within the EU.

Fulfillment & Shipping

All our warehouses are in the EU, ensuring fast delivery: most orders are delivered within 2-8 workdays. Orders to Scandinavia and Baltics are delivered in 2-5 workdays. If you would like more detailed information, you can check our dedicated page here.

You can find the shipping costs here.

All orders placed before 23:59 (GMT +3) will be dispatched on the next business day, with the exception of certain made-to-order products.

We happily accept returns, and customers can return their items directly to us.
However, please note that we can only accept a return if:

– The product is returned within 30 days of the original order date.
– The product is unused, undamaged, and retains all original labels.

We take pride in the high quality of our products, which results in much fewer returns than typical dropshipping goods. For instance, our bags only have a return rate of about 1%. You can find more information about returns here.

Most orders are delivered by DPD & their local partners (e.g., in Finland by Postnord).

At Hertwill, we value our diverse range of brands and products. However, please note that if your customer’s order consists of items from different brands, we handle these as separate orders for shipment. As a result, shipping charges will be applied for each distinct order.

For example:

1. If your customer orders three pairs of TOKU slippers, these will be dispatched as a single order. Accordingly, you will be charged for the shipping cost of one order.

2. However, if a customer orders one pair of TOKU slippers and one Nordhale laptop bag, they will be treated as separate orders. You will be charged separately for the shipping of each order.

We understand the convenience of receiving all items in a single package for your customers. Rest assured, we are actively working on a solution to streamline this process and aim to offer consolidated shipping in the near future.

Absolutely, we do provide tracking information for all shipped orders. Once your order is out the door, you’ll receive a tracking number to keep tabs on it until it reaches its destination.

No, you don’t. All items we provide are available via dropshipping, so we stock, pick, pack and ship the orders on your behalf. Essentially, Hertwill is your silent partner, operating in the background while you focus on selling the products we provide.

Currently, we do not provide personalized packaging for orders. Our products are generally dispatched in the original brand packaging, while some are sent in unbranded packaging. Please note that no invoices are included.


It depends on your area of expertise and ambitions. For example, if you have run an online store before, it might be a couple of hours a week. But if this is your first time and you don’t have a digital marketing or e-commerce background, it might be 3-6x more.

Usually, most work hours are put in at the beginning when trying to get the store up and running. After that, the amount of work usually decreases over time, and ultimately, if you outsource customer support, the store might become a source of passive income. We recommend running the store together with someone as it’s more fun, you get things done faster, and you have a higher chance of success.

The sum can vary from 50-100 euros to tens of thousands. For example, if you build your store yourself on an open-source e-commerce platform like WooCommerce, your only expenses might be the domain (about 10€) and hosting service (around 5-10€ per month). If you have no previous coding experience, Shopify might be an easier solution than WooCommerce, but the fixed costs are higher as you have to pay for the subscription (around 30€ per month). The costs might get high quickly if you include an agency to develop and set up your store. Besides setting up the store, it would be useful to have some extra capital for other expenses, like, for example, running Google and Facebook ads. If you choose to sell products provided by Hertwill, you don’t need your own warehouse, which helps to keep costs down.

Some of our products are indeed available as white or private label products. It could be more convenient, but write us at if you are, and let us know what kind of private or white-label products interest you.

Yes, in addition to product pictures and descriptions, we also provide reviews that we have acquired through our partners. Merchants that are partnering with Hertwill can use those reviews in their stores, social media and paid ads.