Favorite podcasts of Hertwill founders

We discussed with Roland Kriibi, Annamari Kenk and Joosep Sibul, Hertwill co-founders, what their favorite podcasts are. These are the shows that they have been subscribers to for some time and have a proven track record of excellent quality. Some are very well-known, others not, but they should be. Most of the podcasts are about startups, marketing and e-commerce, but not only.

“We very often discuss episodes of these shows between ourselves and even have a separate Slack channel for show notes. An added value, which we probably should use more often, is that listening to a podcast is a great way to approach someone, as you have a good talking point.”

Anyways, without further ado, here is the list of favorite podcasts of Hertwill founders in their own words:

  • Lenny’s Podcast – Probably our current favorite podcast. Although it is marketed as a product management podcast, it really is much more. We’ve got many ideas that we have applied to Hertwill from Lenny and his hall-of-fame level guests. 
  • Business Breakdowns – In less than 60 minutes, you’ll understand how one company works, including its history and what makes it successful. It’s impossible to not get at least one good idea out of every episode.
  • How to Win – Great podcast from Wynter and CX founder Peep Laja. Although the focus is B2B SaaS, no matter your business, it’s worth the listen. The production is world-class, and you’ll remember Peep ending every episode “… and this is how you win.”
  • Design Life – Side project addicts Charli Prangley and Femke van Schoonhoven host a popular podcast about design and the issues young creatives face.
  • Against the Rules with Michael Lewis – Lewis’s The Undoing Project is one of the favorite books of Roland and me, and the book I probably have recommended the most. And if you haven’t read any of Michael Lewis’s books, you probably have seen a movie based on his works (Moneyball, Blind Side, Big Short).
  • Masters of Scale – Probably doesn’t need an introduction, but Reid Hoffman is still going strong.
  • Nestor & Koppel – We recommend it even if you don’t understand Estonian, as the smooth voices of Peeter Koppel and Mihkel Nestor make a great background sound for almost anything.
  • B2B Growth – Podcast, surprisingly, about B2B marketing. Way too many episodes, but they are short and no one minds if you don’t listen to them all. But every time you do, you’ll learn something.
  • grit. – Very practical marketing podcast for startups. You’ll learn how the best Estonian startups grow, and the hosts, Marelle Ellen (the CMO of Promoty) and Andreas Unt (co-founder of Adact) are also practitioners. Disclaimer: it’s in Estonian.
  • 50x – Every episode gives a detailed look at an investment that has grown at least 50-fold. Although it may sound like an investing podcast, it really isn’t. Hosted by Will Thorndike.
  • Restart – Probably the most legendary Estonian startup podcast, hosted by Geenius media founder Henrik Roonemaa and Koos.io founder Taavi Kotka. Disclaimer: it’s in Estonian.
  • Ekspordime – Long episodes about learnings from different Estonian companies on how to export and grow your company. An added bonus is that you’ll get reading recommendations from every guest. We’ve also got a couple of our partners in Hertwill from this show. Hosted by Timo Porval. Disclaimer: it’s in Estonian.
  • Hollinger & Duncan NBA Show – Most NBA fans probably know and listen to Brian Windhorst, Bill Simmons or Zach Lowe podcasts but might have yet to hear about Nate Duncan. And the co-host is NBA analytics legend John Hollinger. I discovered that I prefer listening to Hollinger and Duncan discussing NBA to actually watching NBA games.
  • Associated – You should listen to this show if you are in the VC and startup world. An added bonus is that one of the hosts is our friend Tunde Adekeye.
  • Revisionist History – Although we have an ambiguous relationship with Malcolm Gladwell (the main reason being it feels like all his ideas suffer from confirmation bias), he is still a world-class storyteller.