Sweatshirt With Your Child’s Drawing

100% organic cotton sweatshirt that will feature your child’s drawing

“My child drew this!”

Who among us hasn’t considered their flesh and blood a Picasso? A Leonardo da Vinci? Who hasn’t looked at their child’s drawings with affection and thought they were the most beautiful drawings in the world?

Only you, the parent of your child.

Black Girffe helps put our little Picassos’ drawings on sweatshirts for their biggest superheroes. So what if my 4-year-old’s tractor doesn’t look at all like a tractor, or our family portrait resembles Pinocchio with plastered arms more? But these are my little ones’ drawings. And that’s what matters most.

The child can also sign their name, making the gift even more personal and fun. Black Giraffe guarantees that both the gift recipient and the giver will find great joy in it. It’s important that the drawing is made with a marker and if possible, I could get the original picture of it. However, a photo of the drawing taken with a phone is also acceptable.

If you want your child’s drawing on a shirt then do this:

Let your little Picasso unleash their creativity and draw a picture with a black marker. The picture must fit on an A4 sheet and should not have more than 3 different drawings on it. Ideally, the child would draw their favourite toy, a parent, grandparents, or themselves. Take a photo of the drawing with your phone and send it along to us via email after ordering the sweatshirt. It’s important to ensure that the photo is taken from above and only includes the drawing.

Additional information


3XL, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Organic cotton

washing instruction

Please wash and iron all the items upside down and separate white ones from colors.


L- Chest 112cm & body length 74cm, M – Chest 106cm & body length 72cm, S – Chest 100cm & body length 70cm, XL – Chest 118cm & body length 76cm, XS – Chest 94cm & body length 68cm


Black, Sage Green, Soft Rose


Black Giraffe Brand

A vibrant family-owned T-shirt brand, producing high quality, eco-friendly T-shirts crafted from 100% organic materials. Kairi, alongside her two little helpers: marketing director Ruudi and assistant Nora. Embracing a community of strong, real-life superheroes and hot mamas, Black Giraffe is more than just a brand - it's a family that celebrates the raw, unfiltered beauty of parenting. At the heart of our brand is authenticity. Parenting isn't just soft pastels; it's a kaleidoscope of emotions, filled with 100% love and deep-seated joy, and their signature happy color is black. Black Giraffe caters to a tribe of no-nonsense families, echoing their superparent powers. Black Giraffe brand is committed to bettering the world not just in sustainability, but also in style, creativity, and innovation. T-shirts / organic cotton / family-owned business / made with love / parenting


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