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A mat that supports development while your child has fun. In the first months of life, children perceive only contrasting, clear colours. The 4SMART mat is designed for children who’ll be interested in this look, and it’ll provoke exploration. This is an amazing sensory mat – it’s divided into four zones that develop your child’s sight, hearing, touch and concentration right from birth. 4SMART will encourage your little one to touch, reach out their hands, move and play. The mat is soft and safe, and you can take the elements included in the set on walks.


It stimulates the development of your child’s senses. In the first months of life, children perceive mainly contrasting colours. That’s why 4SMART features black, white, yellow and red, which provide the right level of stimulation for your child’s sight and let them focus on the colourful elements.

Sight development. The colourful ribbons and carefully selected colours allow your little one to train their sight. In the first months of life, children see only strong, contrasting colours, and that’s why the mat features these tones.

Developing the sense of touch and coordination. The 4SMART sensory mat features intriguing elements with different textures. The smooth, rustling accessories, as well as the soft piping and strings stimulate touch, and encourage your youngster to discover new shapes and textures. They also help train gripping and reaching out of the hands.

Hearing development. 4SMART also has a zone that lets your child become familiar with various sounds. This is thanks to the contrasting toys that rustle, make sounds and rattle when touched. Your little one will also learn the cause and effect relationship between touching a toy and the toy making a sound.

Training concentration. The cards included in the set can be put into a special plastic pocket on the side of the mat. They show different shapes and are contrasting. Your child will look at them with interest, and so train their concentration. The side of the mat can be raise to encourage your toddler to raise their head and train their neck muscles.

Sensory ball included in the set. The set includes a sensory ball that your child will love playing with. It’s large, multi-coloured and has interesting buttons and patterns. Your child will have a great time both on and off the mat.

4SMART comes with 12 double-sided black-and-white cards and a mirror, which can be taken with you on walks and clipped, for example, to your pushchair or into the plastic pocket on the side of the mat. The cards let your child train their concentration – your little one will focus on the patterns and learn to recognise shapes.

The mat comes with: a hanging mirror, hanging ball with a rattle, hanging rustling toy, plush doughnut, colourful ribbons and small rustling balls. They can be hung on the bars or used as independent toys.


  • 2in1: educational mat and ball pit
  • The contrasting cards are made of thick, high-quality paper.
  • Supports sensory development
  • The set includes many sensory-stimulating toys: 12 contrast-colored cards, a hanging mirror, a hanging rattle ball, a hanging crinkly toy, a sensory ball, a soft toy, colorful ribbons, rattling balls, and a mirror.
  • Soft fabric: Easy to clean and pleasant in touch polyester
  • For children: 0+
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 128 x 116 cm
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Parenthood is an adventure. Everyone who becomes a parent learns just how true this is. You discover how many things in your life are happening for the first time: the first walk, first nights with your baby, first smile, first playtime and first progress – words, gestures, and new emotions. In each of these situations, you're accompanied by children's products and accessories: pushchairs, cots, bouncers, play mat, bikes and many other helpers in your everyday activities.


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