Skive-mini – Black

Crossbody bag with an adjustable strap that lets you wear it over your shoulder, chest, or around your waist.

A SKIVE-MINI crossbody bag is a chic minimalistic bag with an adjustable strap that lets you wear it over your shoulder, chest, or waist – all the possibilities for you to look the best. Its simple envelope cut gives a sophisticated and modern look. The Front flap fastens with a magnetic snap.

・recycled PET felt
・100% handmade in Estonia
・shipped in an eco-friendly package
・size 16 x23 x2 cm (height, length, width)
・strap length 70-124cm
・weight 180g

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Tier II





made in

Estonia, Europe

Sales materials included


Strap included






In today's age of 'more', Nordhale dares to be 'less'. Nordhale cherishes the essence of the minimal, the slow, the foundational — the very raw state of being where quality triumphs over quantity, and the pace is just right. Founded in 2016, Nordhale has been steadfast in our pledge: sustainable production and consumption. Using excess pieces from a felt factory, we craft our signature designs, ensuring lesser industrial material wastage and a gentler footprint on the environment. Every item in the Nordhale collection is handcrafted, a testament to our collaboration with local artisans. With each piece, we celebrate the unique nuances that make it distinct. Our bags, timeless in design and functionality, are for those who not only appreciate the essence of slow living but possess the audacity to be different from the ordinary. Crafted predominantly from upcycled felt, Nordhale bags are durable and water-repellent, yet feather-light. As pioneers of "slow fashion," we take pride in our commitment to enduring style, genuine authenticity, and unparalleled quality. Handmade in our Estonia studio, each bag not only embodies our ethos but also carries a 2-year warranty seal of trust.


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