Cufflinks – Round – Yellow Trout Leather

Eherüs means brown trout in the Võru dialect. These fish leather accessories are handmade. Each fish scale pattern is unique, making each cufflink one of a kind. We will post a product that is as similar as possible to the cufflink depicted in the picture.

These cufflinks are made of brown trout leather. We want to emphasize that no brown trout, whose leather has been used, was caught for the purpose of making jewelry. All fish have been legally caught during the fishing season with the appropriate fishing permit.

Size: 1.7 cm

Material: stainless steel, brown trout leather

Packed in a gift box

EE: Eherüs tähendab Võru murrakus jõeforelli. Need kalanahast aksessuaarid on valminud käsitööna. Iga kala soomuse muster on ainulaadne, mis teeb iga mansetinööbi kordumatuks. Me postitame toote, mis on võimalikult sarnane pildil kujutatud mansetinööbile.

Need mansetinööbid on valmistatud jõeforelli nahast. Soovime rõhutada, et ükski jõeforell, mille nahka on kasutatud, pole püütud eesmärgiga valmistada ehteid. Kõik kalad on püütud seaduspäraselt kalapüügihooajal selleks ette nähtud kalapüügiloaga.

  • Suurus: 1,7 cm
  • Materjal: roostevaba teras, jõeforelli nahk
  • Pakitud kingikarpi


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Handcrafted accessories made with unique fish leather and sustainable practices. Eherüs was born when a fisherman caught a magnificent river trout and decided to create something unique and beautiful out of its skin. Inspired by the Võru word for river trout, each Eherüs accessory is handcrafted and carries a unique fisherman's tale, celebrating the natural beauty of fish leather and sustainable practices. Eherüs is committed to emphasizing that no trout used in their creations has been caught to make jewellery. All fish are legally caught during the fishing season, with proper fishing permits in place. Eherüs encourages people to fish responsibly and adhere to existing laws. handcrafted / unique jewellery / fish leather


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