553P Rosso Hiking Boots

553P Rosso Hiking Boots are probably the best hiking boots you can find for that money. The 553Ps are manufactured in Europe and are designed for hiking in the Nordic climate but are suitable for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle, no matter the weather. They are made of waterproof genuine nubuck leather and the inner lining is a 4-layer sock-style TOPAZ membrane which ensures water resistance and breathability. The toe cap provides extra protection and enhances the durability of the shoes. The boots have a 2-layer Vibram sole for moving on soft and hard soil. If you are unfamiliar with Vibram, it is the Porsche or Ferrari, whichever you prefer, in the world of hiking footwear. The insole of the boots is anatomical, antibacterial and washable. 553P Hiking Boots are manufactured in Europe according to NATO AQAP 2110 standard by the same factory making one of the most legendary military boots, M77s. The same factory, Samelin, has been making hiking boots for more than 20 years, and for many, they are above all known as the manufacturer of high-quality hiking boots. 553Ps will be shipped to you directly from the factory.

The sizes run large. We recommend choosing one size down, e.g., if you wear your Nike’s or Dr. Martens’s size 41, our boots at size 40 will be excellent.

Upper: Waterproof genuine nubuck leather; protective toe cap
Outsole: 2-layer Vibram sole
Lining: Waterproof 4-layer Topaz membrane
Insole: Anatomical, antibacterial and washable
Weight: 1,5 kg (size 41)
Manufacturer Standards: NATO AQAP 2110, ISO 9001
Where It’s Made: Estonia, Europe
Shipping: 4-8 workdays


Eestis Samelini saapatehases toodetud matkasaapad 553P Rosso on mõeldud matkamiseks just põhjamaisesse kliimasse, aga nagu Samelin ise ütleb, siis “sobivad need tegelikult kõigile, kes tunnevad rõõmu aktiivsest eluviisist”. Matkasaapaid on Samelin tootnud juba rohkem kui 20 aastat ning paljude jaoks on Samelin tuntud just kvaliteetsete matkasaabaste, mitte militaarjalanõude tootjana. Matkasaabaste pealis on valmistatud veekindlast nubuknahast ning sisevoodriks on 4-kihiline sokistiilis membraansüsteem TOPAZ, mis tagab veepidavuse ja hingavuse. Saabastel on Vibrami kahekihiline tald, mis sobib liikumiseks nii pehmel kui kõval pinnasel. Kes Vibramiga tuttav ei ole, siis matkajalatsite taldade maailmas on tegemist Porsche või Ferrariga – kes kumba eelistab. Saapapaelte aasad on valmistatud mittemagneetilisest metallist ning paelakonksud ühtlustavad paelte pinget ja võimaldavad neid kinni siduda erinevatelt kõrgustelt. Saabaste sisetald on põrutuskindel, antibakteriaalne, hingav ja pestav. Saapaid kaitseb kummist protektor.


  • Pealis: veekindel nubuknahk, protektor
  • Sisemus: veekindel sokimeetodil 4-kihiline TOPAZ membraansüsteem
  • Tald: Vibram PU/TR (kahekihiline)
  • Sisetald: põrutuskindel, anatoomiline, antibakteriaalne ja pestav
  • Kinnitus: nöörkinnitus, jala tõusu peal lukustushaak
  • Kaal: 1.5 kg (suurus 41)
  • Tootja: Samelini saapatehas
  • Tootja sertifikaadid: NATO AQAP 2110, ISO 9001
  • Tootjariik: Eesti


Kohaletoimetamine: 1-3 tööpäeva

Additional information

Shoe size

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48


Tier I

Dropshipping eligible




made in


Private Label




Samelin has been manufacturing great boots for over 75 years, and their partners have included RossignolDr. Martens and different NATO armies. Samelin is known for its durable, no-nonsense military, work and hiking boots. All Samelin boots are manufactured according to NATO AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001 standards. Samelin was chosen as Estonia's Defense Industry Company of the Year in 2017. Samelin is based in Estonia, Europe. All Samelin shoes come with a 2-year warranty. Top 1: Samelin is the top 1 bestselling brand of 2023 Read also our guide: How to Sell Samelin Boots?


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