Adensen is a family-owned company specializing in furniture and children’s toys. They have a deep commitment to future generations and are renowned for their smart, long-lasting furniture. Each piece offers versatile functionality. All Adensen products are made with pride in Europe, ensuring both quality and sustainability.

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    A baby crib set that grows with your child. This set makes the parent’s life easier (and your child’s life too).

    For 0-2 years old child: 

    The cradle with a mattress measuring 105 x 66 cm is a safe sleeping place for a 0-2 year old child. Next to the baby bed is a chest of drawers with a changing table – keep everything you need conveniently at hand. The drawers of the chest run on durable telescopic rails, which are equipped with a soft closing system. You can place the chest of drawers on either the right or left side of the sleeping area.

    The base of the crib can be adjusted to three heights The playpen is another useful additional feature, convenient for arriving guests. The baby crib has a removable side, it can be used next to the parents’ bed. Under the bed there are two wheeled bed boxes for bedding and baby clothes. The external dimensions in are 146 x 86 x 99 cm (length x width x height).

    For 2-10 years old child and beyond:

    No need to buy multiple different beds as the child grows – save your time, money, and nature; avoid overconsumption. As the child grows, the crib details can be rearranged to implement new features suitable for an older child. A larger bed for a larger child – for a mattress measuring 160 x 70 cm.

    The writing desk work surface can be adjusted to three different heights (42, 57, 74 cm from the floor) – it also grows with the child. Children’s board – we strongly encourage children’s creativity and offer the opportunity to express it on the accompanying board.

    The Adensen Smart baby bed set is made of particularly durable solid birch and birch plywood – to match the durability of the material to the idea of the product.


    • Material: natural birchwood
    • Mattresses are included
    • Color: White
    • Produced in Estonia
    • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty

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    Natural birchwood baby cradle. The child spends a large part of their day in the cradle. In this cradle, children fall asleep much faster if they are rocked in addition to a lullaby. Your parents, and even you yourself, would be envious of such a pure style and timeless cradle. The cradle does not come with a mattress.

    Adensen is a family business that produces furniture and thinks about the future – for children, nature, and savings. Adensen produces multifunctional furniture for children.


    • Material: natural birchwood
    • Cradle dimensions: 99 x 50 x 51 cm
    • Height from the ground: 71 cm
    • The cradle is suitable for a mattress size of 40 x 80 cm
    • Color: White
    • Produced in Estonia

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    The wooden constructor truck Villi provides activities for the baby and the parents. The truck must be assembled and painted before playing. By doing this, the child can learn by play.

    Truck Villi is a faithful working animal. Villi never fails and always gets on time with his job. This truck never stops on the road, but always reaches its destination, because you can put this truck together with your child. If you want, you can paint the Vill to play with it. And all that rest is left for the little driver to know how and where to drive Villi.

    Villi is made out of birchwood in Europe. Watercolors are included. 3+

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    Tractor Tõnu can’t wait to get to work. Tõnu is always ready for work, even faster than others. If a parent helps the child assemble and paint the tractor, Tõnu can deliver even the heaviest loads. It has more power and durability than other tractors, and its power is measured not in horsepower but child power (cp). This power has been achieved with new technology, which is very environmentally friendly and not too expensive, so there is no need to apply for agricultural support to buy Tõnu.

    Tõnu must be assembled and painted before playing. Tõnu is made out of birchwood in Europe. Watercolors are included. 3+