Baby cradle

Natural birchwood baby cradle. The child spends a large part of their day in the cradle. In this cradle, children fall asleep much faster if they are rocked in addition to a lullaby. Your parents, and even you yourself, would be envious of such a pure style and timeless cradle. The cradle does not come with a mattress.

Adensen is a family business that produces furniture and thinks about the future – for children, nature, and savings. Adensen produces multifunctional furniture for children.


  • Material: natural birchwood
  • Cradle dimensions: 99 x 50 x 51 cm
  • Height from the ground: 71 cm
  • The cradle is suitable for a mattress size of 40 x 80 cm
  • Color: White
  • Produced in Estonia
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Adensen is a family-owned company specializing in furniture and children's toys. They have a deep commitment to future generations and are renowned for their smart, long-lasting furniture. Each piece offers versatile functionality. All Adensen products are made with pride in Europe, ensuring both quality and sustainability. furniture / toys / kids / functionality / family-owned business


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