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The long-sleeved tunic that tans through is made of an extremely thin, stretchy material. Such fabric REPLACES SUNSCREEN, allowing for comfortable and safe sunbathing while walking on the street or lounging on the beach. The tunic is also great for swimming and dries within a few minutes after getting out of the water.

Throw the tunic over your bikini or sports top and enjoy sunscreen-free, safe sunbathing. If your legs also need protection from the sun or prying eyes, add Smarttan black over-the-knee leggings to the set.

Smarttan’s FABRIC INSTEAD OF CREAM products are made from a special, ultra-thin fabric with many tiny holes, allowing up to 70% of UV rays to pass through. The fabric is made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, making the clothes comfortably stretchy and exceptionally quick-drying.

The thin, perforated fabric allows air and sunlight to pass through comfortably. You can always throw the black tunic over your bikini or top to ensure safe and healthy tanning.

Wearing the tunic, you won’t get sunburned, as the fabric provides sufficient protection for the skin. People with very sensitive skin should still be cautious and test it gradually. However, you don’t have to worry about sweating off, swimming off, or forgetting this “fabric cream” like you might with sunscreen. You still wouldn’t go out without clothes 😊.

The fabric helps tan healthily without sunburn, working similarly to sunscreens.

NB! Any tanning-through fabric does not let through 100% of UV rays. Combine tanning-through clothes with sunscreen or sun oils suitable for your skin to achieve an even tan.

EE: LĂ€bipĂ€evituv pikkade kĂ€istega tuunik on Ă”mmelnud imeĂ”hukesest venivast materjalist. Selline kangas ASENDAB PÄIKESEKAITSEKREEMI ja sellega saab mĂ”nusasti ja turvaliselt pĂ€evitada nii tĂ€naval jalutades kui ka rannas peesitades. Tuunikaga on hea ka ujuda ja see kuivab pĂ€rast vees kĂ€imist mĂ”ne minutiga.

Viska tuunika peale bikiinidele vĂ”i sporditopile ja naudi kreemivaba turvalist pĂ€evitamist. Kui ka jalad vajavad kaitset pĂ€ikese vĂ”i inimsilma vastu, lisa komplekti Smarttan mustad ĂŒlepĂ”lve retuusid.

Smarttani KANGAS KREEMI ASEMEL tooted on spetsiaalsest, imeĂ”hukesest ja paljude tillukeste augukestega kangast, mis laseb lĂ€bi kuni 70% UV-kiirgusest. Kangas koosneb 80% polĂŒamiidistist ja 20% elastaanist, mis teeb riided mĂ”nusalt venivaks ja eriliselt kiiresti kuivavaks.

Õhukesest ja augulisest kangast kĂ€ivad Ă”hk ja pĂ€ikesekiired mĂ”nusasti lĂ€bi. Musta vĂ€rvi tuunika saad alati visata oma bikiinide vĂ”i topi peale, et tagada turvaline ja tervislik pĂ€evitus.

Tuunikat kandes pĂ”letust ei teki, sest kangas kaitseb nahka piisavalt. VĂ€ga tundliku nahaga inimesed peavad siiski olema ettevaatlikud ja katsetama jĂ€rk-jĂ€rgult. Samas ei ole sugugi karta, et sellise „kangast kreemi“ maha higistad, ujud vĂ”i unustad. Ilma riieteta ikka vĂ€lja ei lĂ€he😊.

Kangas aitab pÀevitada tervislikult ilma pÀikesepÔletuseta, toimides sarnaselt, kui pÀikesekaitsekreemid.

NB! Mistahes lĂ€bipĂ€evituv kangas ei lase lĂ€bi 100% UV-kiirgusest. Kombineeri lĂ€bipĂ€evituvaid riideid oma nahale sobiva pĂ€ikesekaitsekreemiga vĂ”i pĂ€ikesekaitseĂ”lidega, et saavutada ĂŒhtlasem pĂ€evitus.


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Tan-through clothing. Smarttan is a family business. We have been using sun-through swimwear for many years ourselves. The need for it arose primarily for the family father, who suffers from the annoying, but non-contagious skin condition psoriasis, for which sunbathing is the most natural and effective remedy. Since it was always necessary to chase down these special sun-through garments from the far corners of the world and sometimes the package never arrived, we came up with the idea in the summer of 2018 to start offering these interesting products here in Estonia. We believed that there must be other people in the Nordic countries interested in such an option. And it turned out there are!


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