Tan-Through T-Shirt – White

ENG: The tan-through white spacious T-shirt is designed for outdoor activities. The cut is comfortable and does not hinder even more energetic actions. There is an elastic band at the bottom of the shirt, which keeps the blouse nicely in place even during vigorous movements. The spacious cut allows the skin to breathe well and fits every figure.

Smarttan T-shirts are sewn in Estonia. A special structure fabric is used, which allows 40-60% of UVA rays to pass through. This is at least 10 times more than a regular cotton shirt. Our fabric consists of 60% cotton, making it pleasant against the skin, and 40% polyester, which helps the shirt dry quickly.

The fabric helps to tan healthily without sunburn, acting similarly to sunscreens.

Note! Any tan-through fabric does not allow 100% of UV rays to pass through. Combine tan-through clothes with sun protection oils to achieve an even tan.


EE: Smarttan valge avar T-särk on loodud vabas õhus liikumiseks. Lõige on mugav  ning ei takista ka energilisemat tegutsemist. Särgi allservas on kummipael, mis hoiab pluusi ka hoogsamate liigutuste korral kenasti paigal. Avar lõige laseb nahal hästi hingata ja sobib iga figuuriga.

Smarttan T-särgid on õmmeldud Eestis. Kasutatud on spetsiaalse struktuuriga kangast, mis laseb läbi 40-60% UVA-kiirgusest. Seda on vähemalt 10 korda rohkem, kui tavalisel puuvillasel särgil. Meie kangas koosneb 60% puuvillast, mis teeb selle ihu vastas mõnusaks ja 40% polüestrist, mis aitab särgil kiiresti kuivada.

Kangas aitab päevitada tervislikult ilma päikesepõletuseta, toimides sarnaselt, kui päikesekaitsekreemid.

NB! Mistahes läbipäevituv kangas ei lase läbi 100% UV-kiirgusest. Kombineeri läbipäevituvaid riideid päikesekaitseõlidega, et saavutada ühtlane päevitus.

T-shirt Unit XS S
1/2 chest, when stretched cm 47 50 53 56 59 62
Shoulder + sleeve cm 20 21 22 23 24 25
Length from shoulder cm 57 58 59 60 61 62


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Tan-through clothing. Smarttan is a family business. We have been using sun-through swimwear for many years ourselves. The need for it arose primarily for the family father, who suffers from the annoying, but non-contagious skin condition psoriasis, for which sunbathing is the most natural and effective remedy. Since it was always necessary to chase down these special sun-through garments from the far corners of the world and sometimes the package never arrived, we came up with the idea in the summer of 2018 to start offering these interesting products here in Estonia. We believed that there must be other people in the Nordic countries interested in such an option. And it turned out there are!


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