Reflective Luggage Tag

Point out your suitcase, backpack, or other luggage while traveling! 

Did your luggage get lost, or is it one of the countless black bags on the carousel? Make your travel effortless with a MARCH luggage tag! The reflective side makes your bag stand out day and night, while the writable side lets you leave the contact data never to say goodbye to your belongings. And when your friends ask what it is, say it’s for good luck! Different band colors are available.

  • Reflective & water resistant
  • Writeable with ballpoint, marker & pencil
  • Easy to attach
  • Dimensions: 5,5 x 8,5 cm
  • Made in Lithuania (EU)
  • Designed by Martynas Kazimierėnas

Founded in 2012, MARCH design studio has evolved from a local Vilnius company to an internationally acclaimed brand with products available in over 50 countries. The studio excels in enhancing existing products in clever, clean ways, resulting in innovative and unique everyday items like reflective accessories and writable clothing. These stylish yet functional creations, wrapped in distinctive packaging, are not just trendsetters in fashion but also advocate for safety. Produced by local manufacturers in compliance with strict EU requirements, and boasting numerous design patents, MARCH’s products embody quality and originality, making the brand an exciting choice for consumers and a reliable partner for resellers.

Shipping within the EU: 4-8 workdays. Shipping within the Baltics and Finland: 2-5 workdays.

Additional information

Designed in


made in

Europe, Lithuania


Black, Grey, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow


March Design Studio

MARCH Design Studio is a product development company founded in 2012. Starting as a local company in Vilnius – after a few years, the studio has become an internationally acknowledged brand with products sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. MARCH does not invent new things but improves existing ones. Finding problems and offering solutions – cleanly and cleverly – is the key to success. Each product, from a life-saving reflector to a handmade lollipop, is brimming with innovation. The product idea comes first, followed by minimal design, outsourced production, and hands-on management. The result – unusual usual things! MARCH Design Studio focuses on reflective accessories, writable clothing collections, and interior and other innovative items which improve everyday life. Due to minimal design and sophisticated look, MARCH products change the mindset towards regular clothing fashion and set the trend for wearing safety accessories. Unique packaging makes MARCH products perfect gifts. Both writable clothing and reflective accessories are popular fashion items. As MARCH says: Safety first - as well as style! MARCH has established a reliable network of suppliers and partners to achieve the desired quality and quantity on time. All MARCH products are produced by local manufacturers adhering to strict EU requirements. That makes MARCH an exciting brand for consumers and a reliable partner for resellers and distributors. By the way, most MARCH products have design patents, so copycats – watch out!


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