Moonlight Tropics Tan Through Sarong

The SMARTTAN Moonlight Tropics Tan Through Sarong is a lightweight, flowing, and beautifully draping accessory perfect for all beachwear. Made from ultra-thin, stretchy material, it folds compactly for easy transport.

Key Features:

  • Tan Through Fabric: Crafted from ultra-thin, stretchable mesh material, this sarong allows for safe and comfortable tanning, whether you’re walking down the street or lounging on the beach. The fabric lets through up to 70% of UV rays, providing protection against sunburn. Learn more about the patented tan through fabric we use for all our tan through clothing here.
  • Material Composition: Made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, the fabric is stretchy, breathable, and dries at least three times faster than regular beachwear.
  • Durable Print: The high-contrast print remains vibrant even after extended exposure to sun, sea, or pool water.
  • Sun Protection: The fabric acts like a low SPF sunscreen, shielding your skin from harsh sunlight.
  • Dimensions: 140 x 95 cm

Design and Functionality: The unique patterns not only catch the eye but also ensure the fabric isn’t too transparent. This makes our tan through clothing distinct and stylish compared to ordinary solid-colored beachwear.

Health Benefits: Wearing tan through fabrics helps you tan healthily without the risk of sunburn. However, individuals with very sensitive skin should gradually test their exposure. Unlike sunscreen, you won’t forget to wear your “fabric sunscreen,” nor will it wash off in the water.

Additional Information: While the fabric offers excellent UV protection, it doesn’t block 100% of UV rays. For an even tan, combine these clothes with your preferred sunscreen or tanning oil. The effectiveness varies by skin type, so finding the right combination is a personal choice.

Care and Washing Instructions: When machine washing tan through clothing, we recommend placing them in a separate mesh laundry bag. Otherwise, follow the washing instructions on the label and general guidelines for washing sportswear.




Tan-through clothing. Smarttan is a family business. We have been using sun-through swimwear for many years ourselves. The need for it arose primarily for the family father, who suffers from the annoying, but non-contagious skin condition psoriasis, for which sunbathing is the most natural and effective remedy. Since it was always necessary to chase down these special sun-through garments from the far corners of the world and sometimes the package never arrived, we came up with the idea in the summer of 2018 to start offering these interesting products here in Estonia. We believed that there must be other people in the Nordic countries interested in such an option. And it turned out there are!