Jugu Handmade Slippers with Natural Felt and Wool – Floral Pattern

These Jugu slippers are made from light natural felt, with a beautiful floral pattern embroidered on top. Inside the slippers, there is a 100% sheep’s wool lining to keep your feet comfortably warm during the cold winter months. Handmade in Europe by Omaking, a small family company with roots dating back to 1927, these slippers embody the essence of slow fashion—crafted from high-quality, natural materials to serve you for years.

  • The upper part of the slippers is made from natural felt.
  • The lining of the slippers is 100% sheep’s wool.
  • The insole of the slippers is made from soft latex covered with 100% sheep’s wool.
  • The slippers have a thin rubber outsole.
  • They fit well and provide excellent warmth without causing your feet to sweat.


  • Any wool pilling on the slippers can be removed with a special fabric shaver or a simple razor.
  • They can be hand-washed or machine-washed.
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius, wool cycle, with a gentle spin.
  • Place the slippers inside a laundry bag (e.g., pillowcase).
  • Use a mild detergent suitable for wool.
  • Dry them in the open air, avoiding excessive heat (e.g., dryer, radiator, underfloor heating, etc.).
  • Keep in mind that washing may affect the appearance of any leather labels.


EST: Jugu sussid on heledast naturaalsest vildist, millele peale tikitud ilus lilleline muster ning susside sees on 100% lambavillane vooder, et hoida külmal talveajal jalad mõnusalt soojas. Jugud on valmistatud käsitööna Võrumaal.

  • Susside pealis on naturaalsest vildist.
  • Sussi vooder on 100% lambavill.
  • Susside sisetald on pehmest lateksist, mis on kaetud 100% lambavillaga.
  • Sussidel on õhuke kummist välistald.
  • Sussid seisavad hästi jalas ja on väga mõnusalt soojad ning ei aja jalga higistama.


  • Sussile tekkinud villatopid saab eemaldada spetsiaalse topieemaldajaga või lihtsa raseerijaga.
  • Võib pesta käsitsi või pesumasinas.
  • Pesumasinas 30 kraadi, villarežiim, mõõdukas tsentrifuug.
  • Sussid panna pesumasinasse pesukoti (nt padjapüür vm) sees.
  • Kasutada õrna villale mõeldud pesuainet.
  • Kuivatada õhu käes, liigset soojust vältida (st kuivati, radiaator, põrandaküte jne).
  • Arvestada, et pesemine võib mõjutada nahast siltide väljanägemist

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OmaKing is an Estonian family business founded on the long history established by great-grandfather Peeter, who started as a shoemaker in Vastseliina in 1927. All OmaKing shoes are manufactured in Võrumaa and will serve you long and well. All shoes come with a 2-year warranty.


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