Frames Silver Earrings

Lisa Kroeber Frames Earrings are made from sterling silver, the surface is polished and you can choose between 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large. Shape and size might slightly vary, because each item is handmade. Earrings are designed and handmade in Estonia.

Lisa Kroeber Jewellery is a jewelry brand by German-Estonian jewelry designer Lisa Lohu. Years ago, after finishing her jewelry design studies in Germany, Lisa moved to Estonia and started her jewelry brand. By now, Lisa Kroeber Jewellery has grown into a family business where, in addition to Lisa, father Viljar, sons Uku and Ekke, and of course, the cat Mau is also active. Lisa Kroeber products stand the test of time, age well, use the best materials and are not destined for landfills. Lifetime warranty guaranteed!

We believe in high-quality goods, jewelry of Estonian origin, made with love and care, and that do not harm the environment. We ensure that all our jewelry is produced locally and under the best working conditions.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Small: 3.4cm, weight per piece: 2,6g
  • Medium: 4.3cm, weight per piece: 4.3g
  • Large:  5.5cm, weight per piece: 3,9g
  • The necklace is packed in a gift box
  • Designed and handmade in Estonia

Shipping in the EU: 4-8 business days.
Shipping in Baltics and Finland: 2-5 business days. 

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg

Large, Medium, Small


Lisa Kroeber Jewellery

Lisa Lohu is the designer behind Lisa Kroeber Jewellery. Lisa is a German jewelry artist who found her love and life in Estonia. Now she is based in the South of Estonia, living in the middle of nature close to Viljandi and working in a small town with her husband and one employee. 2010 after graduating with her Jewellery- and Gemstone Design studies in Germany, she moved to Estonia and started to work on her series from a shared studio in Tallinn. Back then, her name was Lisa Kroeber, and so she created her brand under this name – Lisa Kroeber Jewellery was born. Now it changed to a small family business. Together with her husband Viljar, their sons Ekke and Uku and her cat Mau they moved to the countryside of Estonia, running two workshops and working with two employees, Maarja and Hanna-Elisabeth. Lisa and Maarja share the goldsmithy, where Lisa creates new prototypes and series, organizes the working process and client orders, and works on the computer and the bench. Maarja helps with the production and with finishing of pieces. Next to the goldsmithy, Viljar has his workshop, where he works on the cutting and painting machinery. He is also doing all logistics and helps Lisa out in any matters. Hanna is responsible for our social media performance and has just started to be part of the team.


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