Barefoot Indoor Slippers

Indoor slippers made of natural felt and rubber sole with closed toe and heel, now with a wider toe area to be suitable for wider feet and barefoot wear. The slippers are handmade in Europe by a small family company that has made great shoes since 1927. OmaKing practices slow fashion by using natural, high-quality materials and creating versatile, long-lasting styles, ensuring your sandals serve you for years. All our sandals will be shipped to you directly from the factory.

  • Natural felt upper, lining and insole.
  • Leather details have been added to the toe of the slippers and around the opening to prevent stretching.
  • The outer sole is made of flexible and non-marking light rubber.
  • Manufacturer: OmaKing
  • Where It’s Made: Estonia, Europe


Naturaalsest vildist ja kummitallaga kinnise nina- ja kannaosaga toasussid, mis on nüüd laiema ninaosaga, et sobiksid ka barefoot jalatsi kandjatele.

  • Naturaalsest vildist pealis, vooder ja sisetald.
  • Susside ninale ja ümber sussi jalgapanemise avause juurde on lisatud nahkdetailid, et vältida venimist.
  • Välistald on painduvast ja mittemäärivast kergkummist.
  • Tootja: OmaKing

Hoia oma varbad soojas, siis püsib ka süda soe!


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Shoe size Insole width (ball of the foot) Insole length
36 8,9 cm 23,1 cm
37 9,1 cm 23,7 cm
38 9,2 cm 24,4 cm
39 9,4 cm 25,1 cm
40 9,5 cm 25,7 cm
41 9,7 cm 26,4 cm
42 9,8 cm 27,0 cm
43 10,0 cm 27,7 cm

Additional information

Shoe size

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43



OmaKing is an Estonian family business founded on the long history established by great-grandfather Peeter, who started as a shoemaker in Vastseliina in 1927. All OmaKing shoes are manufactured in Võrumaa and will serve you long and well. All shoes come with a 2-year warranty.


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