Aesthetic Shape Set 4-Elements – Powder Pink


MeowBaby® Aesthetic Shape Set

Welcome to the world of children’s imagination and joy with the MeowBaby® Aesthetic Shape Set! This unique set is designed for the youngest ones to provide countless hours of creative play. Each element of the set is a key to new, fascinating constructions that stimulate the child’s development and allow them to create their own magical worlds.

What makes the MeowBaby® Aesthetic Shape Set special?

  • 4 Elements: The set consists of shapes that can be freely combined to build various structures. The shapes resemble beloved Montessori wooden blocks, making them even more attractive to children.
  • Removable Covers: Each element has a zippered cover, making it easy to keep the set clean. The covers can be easily removed and machine washed at 30°C, which is extremely practical for everyday use.
  • Velvet Corduroy: The covers are made from soft and pleasant velvet corduroy, which not only looks elegant but is also durable and friendly to the child’s delicate skin.
  • Elegant Design: The Aesthetic collection combines functionality and style. Subtle, pastel colors and delicate fabric textures make the set blend perfectly with any interior, adding charm to it.

Why choose MeowBaby®? The MeowBaby® Aesthetic Shape Set is not just a toy but also a tool for developing children’s manual skills and creativity. By allowing the creation of various constructions, the set supports the development of spatial imagination and motor coordination.

The set is an ideal solution for parents who value high quality, aesthetics, and safety in products for their children. By choosing MeowBaby®, you invest in your child’s joy and development, providing toys that will accompany them for many years.

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MeowBaby is a family-owned company operating in the baby accessories market since 2017. The team consists of young, energetic and creative people who value a great working atmosphere. Most of them are parents and the experience allows them to create unique products for children. All the products are made with the help of the kids, who are happy to test them first. They are the ones who give the most valuable feedback on our new projects. MeowBaby accessories engage the babies in physical activity and creative play, thus having a significant impact on their proper development and improvement of their motor skills. In a short time, MeowBaby has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of ball pits for children on the international market. MeowBaby also offers multifunctional play mats and foam blocks. They also produce increasingly popular wooden toys in line with the Montessori philosophy, such as kitchen helpers, balance boards and climbing ladders. All products meet EU safety standards and are CE certified. The shipping and fulfillment cost for MeowBaby items in the EU is €16.99 (excluding VAT) for kids / for babies / parenting / CE certified