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Leave no trace! Sustainable, long-lasting sandals from KIRA Sustainable are the best choice for a person who cares about the environment but still wants to wear the most comfortable sandals.

KIRA sandals are a summer essential with a comfortable and adjustable fit. Their classic, minimalist look pairs well with any warm-weather outfit. Made with sustainable materials, these sandals not only reduce waste but also save water and CO2 emissions compared to average industry standards.

KIRA Sustainable Sandals are:

✓ comfortable
✓ durable
✓ vegan
✓ perfect for capsule wardrobe

KIRA sustainable sandals are made from innovative recycled materials:

  • Outsole: car tyre – provides stability and grip for confident steps
  • External: stretchable elastic straps – offers comfort and adaptability to various foot shapes
  • Lining: OnSteam breathable microfiber – leather like sensation, ensures maximum comfort and total dryness
  • Supporting cushions: soft recycled felt from plastic bottles …

Maintenance: clean with a damp cloth, avoid washing in the washing machine.

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Shoe size

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44


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Estonia, Europe

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Yes, marketing help included

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KIRA Sustainable

Leave no trace! We create products with a minimal ecological footprint. The KIRA story began with two friends and yet another pair of boots that couldn’t even last a single season. Since then, the founders dedicated ourselves to three goals: ✓ Creating comfortable and practical footwear ✓ Reducing the environmental impact of fashion consumption ✓ Supporting better and fairer business practices that care for both people and the environment KIRA's expertly crafted products are made from repurposed and recycled materials, embodying our commitment to sustainability. Our vegan shoes are designed for global adventures, ensuring they leave no trace on the environment. Make a statement with every step: Leave no trace!


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