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Klassikalised ilma kontsata nahast toasussid, millel on mõnus lai varvaste osa. Sussid on valmistatud pea 100% ulatuses pehmest nahast, ilma igasuguste lisamaterjalideta,seega on nad väga pehmed ja võtavad kandmisel jala kuju.

  • Sussidel on siledast nahast pealis.
  • Susside välistald on samuti nahast.
  • Sussidel pole kasutatud lisavoodrit, et nautida naha loomulikkust.
  • Sisetald on kontsa osas kaetud nahaga, et vähendada kulumist.
  • Tootja: OmaKing
  • Valmistatud Eestis
  • Saatmine: 4-8 tööpäeva

Susside tootmisel on kasutatud 100% rohelist elektrienergiat.

Loome mugavaid jalatseid, mis rõõmustavad kandjaid ja keskkonda.


Sulbi slippers are classic leather indoor slippers without heel, featuring a comfortable wide toe area. The slippers are made almost entirely from soft leather, without any additional materials, making them very soft and conforming to the shape of your foot when worn.

Sulbi slippers are handmade in Europe by a small family company that has made great shoes since 1927. They practice slow fashion by using natural, high-quality materials and creating versatile, long-lasting styles, ensuring your slippers serve you for years.

  • The slippers have a smooth leather upper.
  • The outsole of the slippers is also made of leather.
  • No additional insole has been used in the slippers to appreciate the natural quality of the leather.
  • The insole is covered with leather in the heel area to reduce wear.
  • Manufacturer: OmaKing
  • Where It’s Made: Estonia, Europe

100% green electricity has been used in the production of the slippers.

We create comfortable footwear that brings joy to wearers and the environment.

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Shoe size Insole width Insole length
36/37 9,3 cm 24,5 cm
38/39 9,8 cm 25,5 cm
40/41 10,3 cm 26,5 cm
42/43 10,8 cm 28,0 cm
44/45 11,3 cm 29,0 cm
46/47 11,8 cm 30,5 cm

Additional information

Shoe size

36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45, 46/47



OmaKing (which translates to "my own shoe") is an Estonian brand crafting traditional, long-lasting footwear, founded by great-grandfather Peeter in 1927. All OmaKing shoes are manufactured in Estonia and designed to serve you well for years. OmaKing is especially known for its very reasonably priced sandals and slippers. All their shoes come with a 2-year warranty.


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