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Handcrafted charming starlets provide loads of fun for little princesses and princes.

The toy set of starlets comes in a package with ribbons, making it possible to attach them anywhere — activity boards, strollers, or cradles. It’s also great to hand different starlets to babies for touching, rattling, or crinkling. This variety can keep a baby entertained and diversify activities on a play mat.

Additional Information:

  • The set includes 3 toys, plus 3 natural white ribbons each 40cm long.
  • Colors: blue or pink
  • Dimensions: large ringing star with a diameter of 21 cm; rattling star and crinkling star with diameters of 13.5 cm each.
  • Fabrics are cotton leftovers from the garment industry.
  • The product carries the European Union’s CE conformity marking.

Additional information


Blue, Pink



Karloova makes handmade textile baby toys and room decorations. Karaloova's slogan is Creativity for life. Karloova is a strong believer that the first few years in babies development are very important and that's where you start to build the child's creativity. Karloova was born out of love for our children and because the founders, moms and neighbours Kaili and Kadri had a feeling that there weren’t enough toys for the baby’s first year, that would help to develop the baby’s motor skills. Karloova creates textile baby toys that offer confidence for parents as the toys are age-appropriate and help your baby to develop. We have tested the toys and consulted with experienced Estonian children’s physiotherapist Maarja Säde for over a year to launch a set of toys which would work well together and separately. Karloova baby toys will give your child joy while developing their creativity and motor skills. Babies learn through play, so we turn playing into something explorative and developing! Baby toys by Karloova are in neutral calm tones to create a calm and soothing environment for babies and their parents. This is the Nordic style the founders love. Karloova toys serve their purpose with the baby simply concentrating on the activity. Products by Karloova blend well with different room decor styles - from minimalist to luxurious.


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