Stainless Steel Bottle 500 ml – Mr Frog

Water drinking bottle is the perfect, durable alternative to single use plastic bottles!​

This fun water drinking bottle is a must have when out and about with kids.

This bottle is made out of stainless steel, making it the perfect, durable alternative to single use plastic bottles. The bottle is light, well resistant to any impact and does not release any toxic substances to the water.

The sleek design makes it easy to clean. Hand wash the bottle with soapy water to maximize the lifespan of your bottle. The bottle is completely leak proof. The handy cap is designed with little kids in mind and can easily be opened and closed due to the handle on top. Each bottle comes with a loop to carry the bottle or hang it onto a backpack.

Bottle: 100% stainless steel cap: 100% PP – string: 100% PES
Age recommendation: 3 years+
Dimensions: 20 cm x 6.5 cm
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Trixie Baby

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