Spa Wrap for Women – Cotton Terry

Men’s spa/sauna wrap made from OEKO-TEX certified cotton terry.

The wrap features an elastic band at the back and a Velcro closure at the front for adjustable sizing. Includes a spacious pocket and a hanging loop.

Available colors: red, dark dusty pink, light dusty pink, fuchsia.


  • S (width 140cm and length 80cm)
  • S/M (width 150cm, length 80cm)
  • L/XL (width 170cm, length 80cm)

Cotton Terry (90% Co – 10% Pe) is warm, soft, and ideal for outdoor water activities. This high-quality terry is durable. Machine washable at 40°.

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S/M, S, L/XL


Dark Dusty Pink, Fuchsia, Light Dusty Pink, Red



RÄTT specializes in handcrafted spa and sauna textiles for both children and adults. Although RÄTT has been operational for just over three years, the journey to its inception began more than a decade ago. This journey was fueled by a desire to create something truly special for the beloved little ones in the family, leading to the creation of unique, soft spa products made from natural materials, including high-quality cotton terry and bamboo terry with excellent antibacterial properties. All RÄTT products are original designs, handcrafted in Estonia by a small team committed to sustainable material use, minimizing waste, and creatively repurposing fabric remnants. The product range is extensive, catering to both children and adults, and includes baby bath towels, washcloths, ponchos, robes, sauna shirts and wraps, hair towels, kimonos, as well as many home and seasonal items


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    The spa wrap, made from silk-soft OEKO-TEX bamboo terry, is a wonderful product for daily use. Bamboo terry is highly absorbent and soft, making it comfortable for use both as a sauna wrap and a regular towel for drying.

    The sauna wrap features an elastic band at the back and a button closure at the front for adjustable fit. It also includes a spacious pocket and a hanging loop.

    Available sizes S, S/M, and L/XL. Colors include golden yellow, dark grey, beet purple, light green, and dark dusty pink.

    Bamboo Terry (90% Bamboo / 10% PE) is an OEKO-TEX certified fabric known for its superb moisture absorption, softness, and suitability for sensitive skin. It’s slightly thinner than cotton terry but drapes well and has antibacterial properties. Machine washable at 30°.