Pacifier Bag – White

The smallest pouch in the Ally Scandic collection is designed for storing pacifiers, but it’s also perfect for parents’ essentials like small earphones, lip balm, hair ties, or keys.

  • Attaches firmly to a bag, stroller, and car seat, and is easy to remove
  • Holds 2-3 pacifiers
  • Keeps pacifiers clean and secure
  • Dimensions: 7x7x5 cm
  • Weighs only 50 g
  • Clean the pacifier bag with a damp cloth
  • Add a multi-functional and bright accessory to your Ally Scandic bag.

Silja, founder and CEO of Ally Scandic, an Estonian brand, and mother of two, has created the brand to offer valuable, unique products for parents. Striving to combine comfort, style, and quality, Ally Scandic offers solutions for the convenient storage of baby items. The products feature a Scandinavian design, focusing on functionality and environmental sustainability. They use carefully selected materials like durable, lightweight, and easily maintained fabrics that comply with safety standards and avoid animal cruelty. Ally Scandic aims to provide stylish, long-lasting items that grow with the family, reflecting Silja’s commitment to quality and her journey as a mother.


EE: Älly kollektsiooni väikseim kotike on loodud luttide hoidmiseks, kuid sobib imehästi ka lapsevanema tarvetele nagu väiksed kõrvaklapid, huulepalsam, patsikumm või võtmed. Älly on Eesti bränd.

  • Kinnitub tugevalt koti, vankri ja turvahälli külge ning seda on mugav eemaldada
  • Mahutab 2-3 lutti
  • Hoiab lutid kindlas kohas puhtana
  • Mõõtmed 7x7x5 cm
  • Kaalub vaid 50 g
  • Puhasta lutikotti niiske lapiga
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Ally Scandic

Make your parenting journey easier and beautiful! Stylish diaper bags and accessories crafted with smart details and sustainable vegan materials. Ally Scandic bags are created with care and love. Every detail - the placement and size of pockets, materials and zippers, color tones, and extras - has been carefully tested and thoroughly for a long time. Ally Scandic bags are created by Silja, a mother of two boys. Silja founded Ally Scandic to create solutions for convenient storage of baby items at home and on the move: “We have deliberately designed unconventional baby bags. In my opinion, not all baby items need to look childlike. They should provide a woman with the opportunity for self-expression and the courage to carry the bag at any time and in any situation. An Ally Scandic bag not only serves your baby but is also a good companion even when your child has grown older.” diaper bags / functional / sustainable / vegan / parenting


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