MeowBaby Slide-Climbing Wall 2in1 Set

The ladder slide-climbing wall 2in1 set is ideal as a year-round playground in the child’s room and in the garden.  Fun and joy all year round. The set easily dismounts, and thanks to the extended functions, it will satisfy the need for a child’s activity. Every obstacle overcome, every climbing the ladder or climbing the wall on children’s own gives them confidence and improves their motor skills.

The Montessori triangular ladder is in line with the famous Maria Montessori pedagogical method. Principally, Montessori toys are simple wooden products that stimulate the child to physical activity and creative thinking. These products focus on one activity that your child is able to do on his or her own.

With the help of our wooden gymnastics ladder, your child will be able to create his or her own home playground. The stable structure with 11 rungs draws the attention and engages the child to perform simple physical exercises. The Emmi Pikler triangle supports the development of motor and cognitive skills in kids.

Kids ladder in their room will be a great exercise for older children, and an interesting diversion for toddlers. Cover our triangular ladder with a blanket and you will create a hiding place for kids that looks like a teepee tent, so loved by all children.

The ladder, slide and climbing wall are good for:

  • strengthening of physical condition
  • burning unnecessary calories
  • visual-motor coordination
  • improving concentration
  • developing spatial planning
  • proving that there are no peaks that you cannot reach
  • increasing self-confidence
  • affecting ambition


  • Dimensions: 59,8 x 61 cm (see the picture from the gallery)
  • The product is intended for children over 3+
  • Please supervise the child’s play on the slide
  • Product for self-assembly
  • Maximum load: 40 k
  • Made and tested in the EU
  • Covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and has a CE certificate



MeowBaby is a family-owned company operating in the baby accessories market since 2017. The team consists of young, energetic and creative people who value a great working atmosphere. Most of them are parents and the experience allows them to create unique products for children. All the products are made with the help of the kids, who are happy to test them first. They are the ones who give the most valuable feedback on our new projects. MeowBaby accessories engage the babies in physical activity and creative play, thus having a significant impact on their proper development and improvement of their motor skills. In a short time, MeowBaby has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of ball pits for children on the international market. MeowBaby also offers multifunctional play mats and foam blocks. They also produce increasingly popular wooden toys in line with the Montessori philosophy, such as kitchen helpers, balance boards and climbing ladders. All products meet EU safety standards and are CE certified for kids / for babies / parenting / CE certified


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