Linen bathrobe – Black Fishbone

The linen bathrobe is a comfortable and unisex piece. The bathrobe has pockets, a cotton belt, and a hanging hook. The fabric is dark grayish-black and has a fishtail pattern. The seams are treated with a hem. One size fits all (see the measurements below)!

Robe measurements: back 130 cm, circumference 140 cm, cuff length 62 cm, shoulder 16 cm, cuff circumference 32 cm from the bottom and 40 cm from the middle, collar width 5 cm.

  • Material: 100% linen
  • Color: grayish-black with a fishtail pattern
  • Care: The fabric is pre-washed and softened. After washing, it no longer shrinks and does not change its appearance. Wash the textile separately at 40°C on a gentle cycle in plenty of water. Do not spin dry. Avoid softener and bleach. Reshape and dry. Do not tumble dry. Linen fibers may come off the product during the wash. No ironing is needed.

Linen is an ecological choice that will only get better over time.

Shipping: 3-7 working days

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Introducing KOOSdisain, where "TOGETHERdesign" meets sustainable living. KOOSdisain is a Nordic home textile brand that artfully blends traditional materials with modern design, prioritizing minimal waste in the production process. The journey began in Spring 2014, born from a collaboration rooted in our shared passion for textiles since graduating from the Estonian Academy of Arts. KOOSdisain believes in crafting everyday essentials with a twist. They favour natural materials like linen, cotton, silk, wool, and leather - all biodegradable, aligning with our commitment to the environment. Notably, their leather series is crafted from production remnants, utilizing pieces deemed too small for the furniture industry but perfect for their creations. KOOSdisain range includes towels, oven mitts, aprons, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, and seat cushions. They also offer custom-made items, including curtains and other home accessories, tailored to individual preferences. Designers Kerly Kaljuste and Anu Rajamäe collaborate to bring these creations to life. Production takes place both in the KOOSdisain studio at Luise 36 and with the finest Estonian sewing manufacturers. KOOSdisain embodies a harmonious blend of traditional and modern, creating pieces that are both practical and stylish, defining the essence of Nordic home comfort.


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