Brand:Nofi KIDS

HopOn Swing Hanger for Wooden Ceiling

Attachment anchor with a moving loop for wooden ceiling, including screws (4 pcs).

The swing must be attached to a strong and durable surface. A plasterboard ceiling is not suitable for swing installation. The installer must ensure that the surface to which the swing is attached has an appropriate load-bearing capacity and is safe.

Suitable for indoor use.

The manufacturer is not responsible for incorrect installation!

Dimensions: 90×168 mm

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Eco-friendly swings for children. All Nofi KIDS products are handmade in Estonia, and prototypes have undergone tests conducted by the Health Board. All products carry the CE mark. We aim to create products that last – so that they can bring joy to sisters and brothers, friends, and acquaintances alike! The joy of playing is important, but even more crucial is a child's development! That's precisely why, in the creation of all toys, care has been taken to ensure they support a child's development in various ways.


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