Folded Wide Earrings

The Folded Wide earrings belong to the most popular jewelry collection of the Estonian jewelry brand Lisa Kroeber Jewellery. These earrings are very light and durable, without compromising on wearing comfort. They are handcrafted from brass and 925 sterling silver.

Lisa Kroeber Jewellery is a jewelry brand by German jewelry designer Lisa Lohu. Years ago, after completing her studies in jewelry design in Germany, Lisa moved to Estonia and started her own jewelry brand. Lisa Kroeber Jewellery has now grown into a family business, with Lisa’s husband Viljar, sons Uku and Ekke, and of course, the cat Mau, all contributing.

Material: Brass, 925 Silver
Height: 2.9 cm
Weight: 4.5 g
Earrings are packaged in a gift box
Designed and handcrafted in Estonia


Folded Wide kõrvarõngad kuuluvad Eesti ehtebrändi Lisa Kroeber Jewellery’i kõige populaarsemasse ehtekollektsiooni. Folded Wide kõrvarõngad on väga kerged ja vastupidavad, kuid samas pole tehtud järeleandmisi kandmismugavuses. Kõrvarõngad on valmistatud käsitööna messingust ning 925 kraadisest hõbedast.

Lisa Kroeber Jewellery on saksa ehtedisaineri Lisa Lohu ehtebränd. Aastaid tagasi, pärast ehtedisaineri õpingute lõpetamist Saksamaal, kolis Lisa Eestisse ning alustas oma ehtebrändiga. Nüüdseks on Lisa Kroeber Jewelleryst kasvanud välja perefirma, kus lisaks Lisale tegutsevad veel pereisa Viljar, pojad Uku ja Ekke ning muidugi kass Mau.

  • Materjal: Messing, 925 hõbe
  • Kõrgus: 2,9 cm
  • Kaal: 4,5 g
  • Kõrvarõngad on pakitud kinkekarpi
  • Disainitud ja toodetud käsitööna Eestis


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Black, Caiman Purple, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Dark red, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow


Lisa Kroeber Jewellery

Lisa Lohu is the designer behind Lisa Kroeber Jewellery. Lisa is a German jewelry artist who found her love and life in Estonia. Now she is based in the South of Estonia, living in the middle of nature close to Viljandi and working in a small town with her husband and one employee. 2010 after graduating with her Jewellery- and Gemstone Design studies in Germany, she moved to Estonia and started to work on her series from a shared studio in Tallinn. Back then, her name was Lisa Kroeber, and so she created her brand under this name – Lisa Kroeber Jewellery was born. Now it changed to a small family business. Together with her husband Viljar, their sons Ekke and Uku and her cat Mau they moved to the countryside of Estonia, running two workshops and working with two employees, Maarja and Hanna-Elisabeth. Lisa and Maarja share the goldsmithy, where Lisa creates new prototypes and series, organizes the working process and client orders, and works on the computer and the bench. Maarja helps with the production and with finishing of pieces. "We put all our thoughts, time and love into the creation of our jewellery and develop products that fit a few simple criteria, they need to be durable, quality made with a simplistic, sustainable and ethical approach. Products that stand the test of time, that will age well, using the best materials and are not destined to end up in a landfill. Lifetime warranty guaranteed!"


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