Face Tonic — Juniper


Face tonic based on spring water and hand-picked Nordic organic plants.

Juniper has a tonic effect, suitable especially well for oily skin.

Use the face tonic in the morning and evening. It will refresh your skin wonderfully in the morning, prior to putting on moisturizer, and in the evening it will help to clear the day off your face. Apply some tonic to the cotton pad and gently wipe your skin, or mist it over your face. It’s also great to pamper your skin and senses during the day.

  • Size: 50 ml
  • Ingredients: Pure distillate from distilling fresh juniper in the spring-water vapour.
  • Use within 6 months of opening, and keep protected from direct sunlight.
  • Produced in Estonia


Näovesi allikavee ja käsitsi korjatud taimedega.

Kadaka näovesi vähendab naha rasusust, leevendab paistetust ja ergutab nahaalust vereringet. Lisaks sellele toimivad kadakaokstes ja -marjades sisalduvad eeterlikud õlid põletikuvastaselt ja puhastavalt paljude haigusetekitajate mikroobide vastu.

Kautamine: pihusta näovett hommikuti ja õhtuti. Hommikul värskendab ta Su näonahka enne kreemi pealekandmist ja õhtul puhastab õrnalt päevasest mustusest. Kanna näovesi vatipadjale ja paita õrnalt näonahka või pihusta näovett otse nahale. Kergeks naha ja meelte turgutuseks sobilik terve päeva kestel!

  • Suurus: 50 ml
  • Koostisosad:
    Värskete kadakate destilleerimisel allikavee auruga tekkinud puhas destillaat.
  • Avatuna säilib kuni kuus kuud, vältida otsest päikesevalgust.
  • Eestis toodetud

Shipping: 3-7 working days

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BONOBO takes care of your skin with pure, natural cosmetics. Natural cosmetics are designed for discerning women who cherish nature. BONOBO counters today's chemical-laden world. Our bodies deserve relief from toxins, and our cosmetics shouldn't add to the burden. Instead of overwhelming the skin, BONOBO nurtures it. With creations like naturally-infused creams and lip balms, crafted from hand-picked Estonian flora and pure organic shea butter, BONOBO offers a rejuvenating touch that's safe even for kids. Every BONOBO product harnesses the unique potency of its ingredients. Choose BONOBO — where nature and care converge. Your body will be grateful. 🌿 In 2014, driven by her own skin sensitivities, globe-trotter and passionate mother, Kristi Kalluste, embarked on a mission: crafting pure, natural cosmetics. Partnering with Estonia’s renowned herbalist, Irje Karjus, she delved into ancient herbal secrets, infusing BONOBO's line with the potent magic of native Estonian plants. cosmetics / pure ingredients / natural product / gruelty-free


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