EXENTRI City is a small, slim and practical card holder made of quality leather and stainless steel. EXENTRI City provides quick access to your most frequently used card by sliding it out with your thumb. Designed for 3 cards – perfect for all those occasions when you want to carry as little as possible. Contains RFID block in the front pocket.

Delivered in an elegant gift box.

The RFID (short for Radio Frequency Identification) block technology in the EXENTRI City protects your credit cards against electronic pickpocketing and private data theft. Tested by the Euro Lab for International Transaction Technologies (Elitt). Today many cards contain a chip and an antenna for wireless communication. With this technology, you can make payments without physical contact between the card and the terminal using NFC (Near Field Communication). Unfortunately, the downside is that cards with RFID technology could potentially be read by someone with a device equipped with NFC technology from a distance. This reading device could potentially read your cards through your clothes and wallet. This way a dishonest person could perhaps scan your personal information by placing him/herself close to your wallet, without you even knowing.

For that reason, the EXENTRI City contain a RFID blocking nylon to ensure that your private information and credit cards are safe.

  • Quick access to cards
  • 3 card pockets
  • Slim and elegant
  • Quality leather
  • Stainless steel
  • RFID block on front pocket
  • RFID open on back pocket
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Norwegian design


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Tier II


Black, Black Cube, Hazelnut, Sand

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EXENTRI wallet brand represents innovation and quality products with unique features. The idea behind the EXENTRI Wallet first saw the light of day back in 1999. The use of credit cards was on the rise, and two young Norwegians became aware of the growing demand for a modern wallet, custom tailored for this new way of use. Their mission was to create a small, practical, brilliant wallet combining all the best features from the classic style with contemporary needs. Multiple card storage, notes and receipt compartments, and most important of all, instant access. After multiple rounds of testing, they developed a unique system, keeping the wallet slim and stylish and, at the same time highly functional. Through the years, that passion has remained undiminished and the EXENTRI brand represents innovation and quality products with unique features. We are proud to be a Norwegian brand, with an international team spread worldwide. unique wallets / innovative / functional / stylish


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