COCO Gold Sunglasses

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Wearing COCO sunglasses adds a confident finishing touch to your look. Crafted from high-quality materials, these sunglasses ensure durability and elegance. Our glasses are designed with technology to protect your eyes from UV light rays. The quality frames add a nice spark of style to your appearance. Wearing our glasses, you can comfortably spend time outdoors without the sun’s rays affecting your eyes.

  • Lenses: Polarized UV-400 Protection
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Designed in Estonia

Shipping in the EU: 4-8 business days.
Shipping in Baltics and Finland: 2-5 business days. 

EST: COCO päikeseprillid on sõbraliku alatooniga sotsiaalsed kaaslased. Päikeseprillid on valmistatud kvaliteetsetest materjalidest, tagades vastupidavuse ja elegantsuse.

  • Klaaside värv: Pruun
  • Prillidega tuleb kaasa kott

Sinine Valgus on kodumaine Eesti bränd, mille missiooniks on modernses nutimaailmas inimeste silmi hoida. Tänapäeval on inimesed erinevate ekraanide ees 5-8 tundi päevas ning silmadesse jõuab ebaloomulik kogus sinist valgust, mis ajapikku tervist kahjustab. Lisaks silmade kaitsmisele paneb bränd rõhku ka heale välimusele. Kuna tegemist on 0-klaasidega, sobivad need kandmiseks kõigile.

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Sinine Valgus

Sinine Valgus means Blue Light in English. Brand's mission is to offer high-quality blue light-blocking glasses while also maintaining a very stylish appearance. The glasses are priced customer-friendly and are suitable for both women and men.


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