Cactus Hangers – Set of 6

Add a touch of desert flair to your interiors with these uniquely crafted cactus-shaped metal hangers. Designed with precision and a keen eye for detail, each hanger mimics the enchanting forms of six distinct cactus species. Whether you’re organizing your child’s room or elevating the aesthetic of any space, this set adds function with a delightful twist.

Key Features:

Variety in Form: Each set contains six different cactus designs, ensuring every piece has its unique charm.
Vibrant Color Choices: Choose from our range of six appealing colors – classic black, sunny yellow, pristine white, calm blue, refreshing green, and deep dark green. Mix and match to curate your perfect look!
Kid-Friendly Design: With a playful and imaginative theme, these hangers are perfect for jazzing up a child’s room, making tidying up a fun activity.
Multipurpose: Beyond their primary function, they can serve as decorative pieces. Hang them on a wall for an instant art installation or use them to showcase your child’s artwork, necklaces, or other light accessories.
Durable Metal Construction: Made with premium-quality metal, these hangers promise strength, longevity, and resistance to rust and wear.

Usage Ideas:

Kids Room: Add a pop of fun and function to their space.
Entryway: Create a chic desert-themed spot for guests to hang their coats.
Bedroom: Mix and match colors for a trendy wardrobe look.
Living Room or Hallway: Use as wall decor for a minimalist yet striking visual appeal.
Reimagine organization with a touch of whimsy. Our Desert Dreams Metal Cactus Hangers seamlessly blend functionality with creativity, making them a must-have for those with an eye for distinctive decor.

📐 Floating wall hooks are handmade and in different styles and because of that dimensions may be a little bit different.
⚖️ Metal wall hooks weigh 94g (0.2 lbs), but can hold up to 1 kg (2lb)

Size 3.5 x 7 x 13 cm

👍 Screws and dowels are included. Hooks are made of thick metal that will not get damaged in shipping as it is sturdy.

Made in Latvia.

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Black, Dark green, Green, Turquoise, White, Yellow



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In addition to this EWART WOODS works closely with its customers offering personalized products. As our customers are our top priority and we always try to make all their wishes in the best way possible. Incorporating logos or other unique symbols or drawings can be done easily."
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