2in1 Blanket with Baby Comforter – Dusty Rose

Double-sided blanket with a sewn-up baby’s first toy with bunny ears.
You will fall in love with this cozy and soft blanket at first sight. One side is made from plush Milky fabric, which will soothe and warm the baby with its softness in the cold season. The other side is 100% satin fabric that will cool and prevent the baby from overheating during the warm period. All blankets are lined with small textured bubbles that will help develop the child’s sensory sensations.

On a Milky side of the blanket, there is a sewn up baby security toy. If necessary, it can be easily unhooked and removed or left attached to the blanket so it would never be forgotten at home.

Suitable from 0 months.

Materials: 50% satin-cotton 50% polyester

Size: 80 x 80 cm

Color: Dusty rose

Care: Wash in a special manual function in the washing machine or by hand. Allow to dry naturally.

Made with love and care in Lithuania

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Kai aš mažas buvau

Kai aš mažas buvau means "When I was little" in Lithuanian. The brand produces soft toys, pillow toys, memory boxes and other items for kids and their parents. Founded in 2020 with the original idea of ​​giving extra meaning to the birth of a child. The first products were birth metrics, stara sheets and posters. Later adding personalized memory boxes and height meters.  In the middle of 2021, Kai aš mažas buvau released the toy-pillow series. These toys were a real discovery. Animals that became not only sleep companions but also excellent play companions. The toys are unique in that they are handmade from natural materials such as llama wool. kids / babies / parenting / soft toys


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