2077 Combat Boots aka M77 Boots 2.0

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If you're in doubt between two sizes, choose the smaller one – our shoes are larger and wider than the average. Our shoes are designed to fit specifically the Scandinavian foot.

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The 2077 Military Boots are an advanced version of the legendary Norwegian M77 military boots, now featuring a dual-layer sole. Made from thick (2.8-3 mm) natural leather, these boots are sturdy yet lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and waterproof. The anatomical insole is shock-resistant, antibacterial, breathable, and washable. As with all full-leather boots, breaking them in might take some time, but once that’s done, you’ve got a pair of boots that can handle any situation. These boots are unisex and suitable for both men and women. For colder winter weather, we recommend wearing the boots with a special inner sock.

The M77 2.0 boot features a dual-layer design. The thicker, upper layer is made from a lighter material, while the lower layer is the original PU. Overall, this makes the boot lighter and less stiff than the original M77.

  • Upper: Natural 2.8-3 mm leather
  • Lining: Natural leather, Cambrelle lining in the tongue
  • Sole: Dual-layer molded sole
  • Insole: Anatomical, antibacterial, and washable
  • Fastening: Laces
  • Manufacturer Certifications: NATO AQAP 2110, ISO 9001
  • Country of Manufacture: Estonia


EST: Sõjaväesaapad 2077 on legendaarsete Norra sõjaväesaabaste M77 edasiarendatud versioon, millel on nüüd kahekihiline tald. Vetthügavast paksust (2,8-3 mm) naturaalsest nahast saapad on robustsed, aga siiski kerged, mugavad, hingavad ja veekindlad. Anatoomiline sisetald on põrutuskindel, antibakteriaalne, hingav ja pestav.  Nagu täisnahast saabastega ikka, siis saabaste sissekandmine võib natuke aega võtta, aga kui need on juba sissekantud, siis on tegemist kanna-igas-olukorras jalanõuga. Need saapad on unisex ja mõeldud nii meestele kui naistele. Külmemate talveilmade puhul soovitame saapaid kanda koos spetsiaalse sisesokiga.

Saapad 2077 on valmistatud AS Samelini poolt NATO armeeüksustele vastavuses NATO-AQAP 2110 kvaliteedisüsteemile.

  • Pealis: naturaalne 2,8-3 mm nahk
  • Sisemus: naturaalne nahk, keeleosas Cambrelle vooder
  • Tald: kahekihiline valatud tald
  • Sisetald: anatoomiline, antibakteriaalne ja pestav
  • Kinnitus: paelad
  • Tootja: Samelini saapatehas
  • Tootja sertifikaadid: NATO AQAP 2110, ISO 9001
  • Tootjariik: Eesti



Samelin has been manufacturing great boots for over 75 years, and their partners have included RossignolDr. Martens and different NATO armies. Samelin is known for its durable, no-nonsense military, work and hiking boots. All Samelin combat boots are manufactured according to NATO AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001 standards. Samelin was chosen as Estonia's Defense Industry Company of the Year in 2017. Samelin is based in Estonia, Europe. All Samelin shoes come with a 2-year warranty. Read also our guide: How to Sell Samelin Boots?


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