Scented Candle – Lavender

A soothing lavender aroma, containing pure lavender essential oil, creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Nore candles are handcrafted using high-quality aroma oils and 100% plant-based coconut-rapeseed wax, free from paraffin and synthetic additives. The high coconut content in the candle wax extends the burning time and ensures a clean burn.

Always burn the candle until the entire surface is melted; this ensures even melting of the candle. To extinguish the candle, press the wick into the melted wax or use a candle snuffer. Avoid blowing out the flame to prevent soot formation and splattering of melted wax. Always trim the wick to 5mm before each use to prevent uneven burning, soot formation, and overheating of the candle holder. Do not burn the candle for more than 3 hours continuously to avoid overheating the glass container. Never leave the candle burning unattended or near flammable objects. Keep the candle out of reach of children and animals.

Enjoy your candle!

Hand-made in Estonia.

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The candles, home fragrances, room perfumes, and scented wax melts available in Nore's product selection are crafted by hand in the city of Tartu, Estonia. Nore products are made in small batches to ensure high-quality at every stage of production. All items are carefully crafted from selected raw materials and packaged in environmentally-friendly containers. Candles, home fragrances, and room perfumes are delivered in glass containers that you can reuse or return to us for refilling with something even better once the product is finished.


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