Our story

Our story started couple of years ago with a small shoe factory in southern Estonia, which has made great boots for more than 75 years. Boots trusted even by NATO armies.

It made no sense to us that we had to drive almost 200 kilometers to the factory just to buy those great boots. A couple of workshops later we opened an online store Saapavabrik (Boot Factory), making those boots available for everyone.

Not long after that, thanks to our friend Indrek, we discovered a small studio in Tartu, Estonia that makes awesome hiking and mountain climbing bags. In fact, the greatest Estonian mountaineer Alar Sikk uses their bags. And a similar story followed: we created an online store Kotivabrik (Bag Factory) that made those bags available online.

Soon we realized that there must be hundreds and thousands of small manufacturers around Europe that create awesome products, which are not widely available. We wanted to help these small manufacturers grow, and this is how the idea for Hertwill arose.

And we are only looking for manufacturers making truly great and long-lasting products so that online stores can make their users happy with our unique and awesome selection. So what Hertwill does, is connect independent brands with online stores around the world.

And now, we are taking those great products and making them available for online stores hassle-free.

The founders

We are 3 good friends who have done multiple projects together. Now we are building the best wholesale marketplace for online stores worldwide.
We have backgrounds in different companies, including Pipedrive, Single.Earth and Omniva.

Joosep Sibul









What is important for us?

Only good products

You won't find our hand selected products on Amazon or AliExpress. Our catalog keeps return rates low and makes sure your customers keep coming back.

Best wholesale experience

We know we are far from perfect, but our goal is to offer the best wholesale experience in the world. So don’t hesitate to let us know whenever you feel we should do something differently.

API automation

We are rather lazy, and we believe most people are too. So we try to automate as much as possible.